Headlines: Ceramics, Social Media, 2018

1) Ceramicist Betty Woodman Dies at 87

A 2006 retrospective of Betty Woodman's artwork at MoMA


Beloved ceramicist Betty Woodman passed away on Wednesday at the age of 87. Woodman was born in Connecticut and began working with ceramic as an art medium at the age of 16. Early in her career, the artist worked professionally as a ceramicist, creating functional objects, but after travelling to Italy in the early 50’s, Woodman started experimenting with the aesthetic possibilities of the medium. The work that the artist is known for is more abstract, and toes the line between painting, sculpture, and traditional ceramics.


2) Nan Goldin Pens Call to Arms Against OxyContin, Sacklers

A collaged image of two works by Nan Goldin, Pain/Sackler and Oxy Script


Artist Nan Goldin reveals in an essay in ArtForum that she struggled with an addiction to OxyContin following a surgery in Berlin several years ago. In the essay, which reads as a call-to-action or manifesto of sorts, Goldin details her very personal story of addiction and calls for the Sackler family to be held accountable for their pharmaceutical empire. The Sacklers, known for a great deal of art philanthropy, have been in the news recently as more information about their ties to the pharmaceutical industry has become public knowledge.


3) Projections for 2018 in Art

An exterior photo of the Brooklyn Museum


Looking back on 2017, the Guardian has some interesting predictions for the landscape of the American art world in 2018. In particular, several large-scale exhibitions are planned relating to feminism and looking back at civil rights movement, as well as pertinent topics of climate change and the recent repeal of net neutrality.


4) Met Changes Its Pay-As-You-Wish Policy

A photo of the admissions board at the Met


New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is changing its admission policy on March 1st, 2018. While the museum has been known for its suggested donation admission fee, allowing all visitors to name their price, as of March this policy will exclude all non-New York residents, who will now have to pay $25 for a regular adult admission. Students from the neighboring states of Connecticut and New Jersey will also still be able to enjoy the pay-what-you-can admission.


5) The Year in Social Media Slip-Ups

A screen capture of an innocuous response tweet


Finally, one more end-of-2017 roundup list: this one of the most memorable (if cringe-worthy) “social media meltdowns” from art world VIPs.


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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