Rhythm and Energy: Art by BJ Keith

A painting with a plane of red and a darker shadowStatements 1, oil on canvas

Painter BJ Keith works intuitively, focusing on finding an inherent rhythm and energy in each individual artwork, and following it to a logical point of completion. The artist’s works are abstract and focused on composition, often utilizing bright, segregated planes of color.

A painting built up from a lot of small squaresPixels 5, oil on canvas

In her artist statement, Keith notes that she rarely plans a painting with sketches, instead allowing the painting to evolve over the course of the painting process. The resulting works, presented in series, give the impression of the artist tackling a single concept or idea, analyzing it over the course of several individual works.

The front page of BJ Keith's art websiteThe front page of BJ's art website


The way that BJ groups her paintings seems to reveal some of the thought process or associations that went into the creation. For example, a series titled Pixels encompasses a range of works that utilize small geometric elements like circles and squares to build up central volumes on the canvas. Another, Geometrics, comprises paintings with larger geometric planes.  

A painting of several separate geometric planesGeometrics 10, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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