The Simple Things in Life: Art by Michelle Marcotte

A painting of several potted plantsPotted plants at Kanapaha Botanical Garden, oil on canvas

Michelle Marcotte is a painter based in both New York and Florida. In her artistic practice, Michelle creates artworks that celebrate the simple things in life, from food, to landscapes, to candid figurative paintings.

A painting of a meadow under a blue skyEclipse in Jay Em Wyoming for Tahleen, oil on canvas


In our previous feature of Michelle Marcotte’s food-related artworks, we focused on the artist’s gauzy, painterly brush marks, and the way that she builds up images that seem to revel in the texture of paint in addition to their subject matter. This is the case throughout Michelle’s portfolio – whether she’s rendering a landscape or a portrait, the artist’s hand is always present, lending an almost ethereal quality to the images.

A screen capture of Michelle Marcotte's art websiteThe front page of Michelle's art website


It’s interesting to see how the artist’s gestural painting style carries through from her figurative works into her abstractions. The abstractions, fields of swirling, heavy pigments, appear to be focused entirely on these brush marks, layering them, treating each mark as an object within a greater scene.

An abstract painting focused on yellow tonesYellow!, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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