A Contemporary Twist: The Art Portfolio of Ann Marie Vancas

A pastel drawing of a face wearing lipstickxs and os, pastel on paper

Ann Marie Vancas is an artist based in Houston, Texas. The artist’s portfolio is packed with colourful artworks that utilize aesthetics and techniques from Fauvism and early abstraction with a contemporary twist.

An abstract painting with black line art and coloured shapesOne Continuous Line, acrylic on canvas


I’m impressed by the variation in different media and substrates that Ann utilizes in her portfolio. Working on paper, canvas, and board as well as on household objects and furniture, Ann showcases a focus on colour and mark-making that translates easily into many different contexts.

A screen capture of Ann Marie Vancas' art websitewww.annmarievancas.com


Ann’s traditional works on paper and canvas focus on twisting, undulating forms. The paintings are firmly abstract and hearken to paintings by the likes of Wassily Kandinsky, in their use of marks and patches of colour and line-art that evoke recognizable forms while still resisting categorization. I can also see parallels between some of these works and the dense abstract compositions of Nathalie Gribinski. Ann’s works express an appreciation for unconscious image making and an intuitive painting style.

A pair of painted bear figurinesDouble Trouble Bearz, acrylic on ceramic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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