Notions of Resilience: Film Art by Sarah Seené

A film photograph of a cat in a window next to a brick wallEntre lune et balcon, 35mm film photograph, April 2020

Sarah Seené is a Montréal-based photographer and filmmaker. In her current practice, the artist explores notions of resilience in the face of mental and physical challenges. Sarah collaborates with the subjects of her photographs and film works, creating thoughtful, nuanced series on subjects like albinism, blindness, and other conditions. 

A close-up portrait of an older woman staring forwardLa gaieté ordinaire, 35mm film photograph, 2019


I really enjoy the way Sarah combines imagery of real, human subjects with more abstracted photographs. The abstractions seem to serve as descriptors or representations of feelings and memories, while the human portraits serve to tie these abstractions to real lives and experiences. Sarah’s recent works are almost exclusively in black and white, and this desaturation seems to add a sense of immediacy and focus to the human aspect of Sarah’s works. 

A screen capture of Sarah Seene's art portfolio


Outside of working with artistic subjects, the artist has also collaborated with fellow artists like fellow filmmaker Guillaume Vallée, such as in the 2018 work Il fait gris dans ta tête, tout à coup.

A black and white photo of trees seen through a rainy windowUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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