Portfolio Website: Joni Belaruski


Ink drawing of a swan with ink blots"Alight" Pen and ink on paper


In this post we are featuring some artwork from the portfolio website of Joni Belaruski. Joni is an artist residing in London, England but born in Northern Ireland.  Her work often contains animals as her subject matter and a lovely and liberal approach to applying ink. The ink seems to almost animate the wings of these birds, implying the blur of motion. It's interesting to observe the limitless directions that the ink seems to splatter and spray, radiating out from the subject like a dark halo of marks.


"My work is about sex, death and love, about desire and obsession in all its forms. I use human and animal figures to illustrate the connection or disjunction between my reality and fantasy; there are many parallels between my own life and my themes and work. I believe in beauty, faces as a window of expression which I utilise to tell my story and I believe that in darkness and light there is an incestuous connection. I draw with both dream and nightmare, splattered with the rawness and imperfection of what I see." - jonibelaruski.com


Explore more artwork from the portfolio website of Joni Belaruski here: http://jonibelaruski.com


ink drawing of a crow

"Atavistic" Pen and ink on paper

ink drawing of a bird and cat playing with string

"Tango" Pen and ink on paper


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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