Online Portfolio: Melissa Ann Lambert

mostly purple artwork with rainbow gradients of color

 "Continu Espace-temps" 


Check out these selected works from the online portfolio of Melissa Ann Lambert. Melissa works in a variety of media but we have selected some of her digital works for this post. These works seem to contain strange dimensions where organic textures meet hard-edged squares. To me these squares seem to reference both the shape of digital screens and the pixels that compose the images. These works are extremely vibrant and dynamic and I really enjoy the variety of approaches to the forms and compositions of each piece. Conclusion: I need to look at more digital art!


"I am a Los Angeles based mixed media artist. I do work in many mediums, including watercolor, oil, gouache, graphite, pastel, and digital." -


You can see more artwork from the online portfolio of Melissa Ann Lambert here:

artwork comprised of four panels green in color"Bicontinuous"

black and purple artwork


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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