Bombastic Floral Imagery: Agnes Friedlander

artwork of flower mosaicGarden Star Mosaic, digital print

Our featured artist for today is Agnes Friedlander. Agnes works with paint, as well as printmaking and collage. Many of her works feature large, bombastic floral imagery, while some, including most of her print works, simply celebrate colour and texture.


purple and red color abstract imageMagenta Gelli, gelli print

Agnes’ floral works are far from quiet. Her painting style is one that brings the subject matter to the forefront of the image and often allows it to spill over the sides of the canvas – when I look at these works I get the sense that the images are leaping out of the painted surface. This degree of excitement carries over into her collage and print work – while the subject matter of the prints may be less overt, Agnes’ interest in the texture of her surface, as well as the pigment she is working with, definitely shows.


acrylic painting of a woman's face with big eyesMiss Princess Blu, acrylic on gallery wrapped board


Agnes has also turned her painting practice into a business – her “paint parties” are a popular way for people who have never painted before to do so in a fun and relaxed environment. Find more information about these parties and more of Agnes’ work on her artist website.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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