Arctic Paintings by Linda Lang

oil painting of an iceberg with purple skyArctic Light, oil on canvas


Today we are taking a closer look at the artworks of landscape painter Linda Lang. Linda draws inspiration for her paintings from numerous expeditions into Canada's arctic circle. She is a passionate conservationist and brings a clear love of the northern wilderness into her arctic paintings.


painting of an arctic fjord with glacier and mountainsView From Glacier, Pangnirtung, oil on canvas


I find Linda's use of shadow and large, simplified forms very visually pleasing. There is a great deal of movement in the images which in some ways reminds me of the works of Emily Carr. Also notable is the way that Linda manages to inject so much vibrant colour into paintings of a landscape that most of us probably think of as a vast expanse of white and grey tones.


Linda also helped found the Polar Artists Group, which brings artists together with scientists and researchers to create work bringing attention to climate change.


painting of yellow house with mountains and ocean in the backgroundHaycock House - Pangnirtung, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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