Ceramic Artworks by Elaine Clapper

ceramic teapot with green and red glazingTeapot blue series

Today’s featured portfolio is the website of Elaine Clapper, a ceramic artist from Ohio. Elaine’s works mainly with functional objects, such as vases, bowls, and pitchers, creating objects that are functional, but could easily stand to be displayed as sculptures.


three red and brown ceramic potsThree tall lidded pots red series

The ceramic techniques that Elaine uses create finished products that often appear bluish in colour, and remind me of polished stones, or ancient urns found at the bottom of the ocean. The smooth surface and relatively simple shape of the majority of her works gives them a lovely tactility, and it’s easy to imagine these with flowers in them, or as settings at a dinner table.


In other works, Elaine uses a dark brown, almost reddish earthy glaze. The colours of these works echo the colour of natural red clay, once again lending the ceramics a rustic feel that contrasts nicely with their smoothness. 

A red and orange colored ceramic plate10-Inch Autumn Series Plate

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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