Sculptural Paintings by Douglas Moulden

painting of a grove of treesThe Space Between

Douglas Moulden was born in Washington, DC, and received his BFA in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. He now lives and works in Frederic, Maryland. Looking at Douglas’ paintings, I can certainly see the sculptural influence. His paintings are unique in the way that they are produced – rather than using a brush, Douglas uses a tool to pipe acrylic paints onto a plywood surface, rather similar to using a caulking gun, or even icing a cake. This technique creates a raised, textured surface over the entire painting, one that echoes the look and feel of, say, the bark of the trees that are often the subject matter of his works.


artwork that depicts a row of stonesAll That Remains

These small, raised strokes of paint are quite uniform across the surface of each image that Douglas creates, which, I find, lends each of these sculptural paintings a sense of movement. My eye travels all the way around each of these works, drawn up by the painted branches of trees, and it keeps moving across skies and fields made up of many tiny points of colour.


painting of treesThree

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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