Animated Artwork by Hendrik Gericke

painting of green helicopter on a blue background done in a loose styleCH-53, oil on canvas board

Hendrik Gericke, the face behind the Flying Dutchman Art, was born in South Africa and now lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Trained in fine arts as well as animation, Hendrik’s sense of movement and form is clear in the images he creates using various mediums.


abstract image of organic shapes using black inkThe Immigrants want to Sing All Night Long, ink on canvas

Hendrik is skilled in different forms of painting, both traditional and digital, realistic and abstract. His body of work places realistic portraits next to grotesquely humorous celebrity caricatures, as well as paintings of machines like helicopters, and even storyboard work. I find Hendrik’s use of expressive line to be particularly compelling. In his Humourless Tumours series, Hedrik creates abstract shapes that are at the same time quite bodily, and applies to them titles which raise as many questions as they answer.

black ink drawing of a dog's headMaximus, ink on illustration board

Interesting moments and colourful, animated artwork like this abound in the portfolio of this multi-talented artist.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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