Sketches en Plein Air by Brian Buckrell


acrylic painting of trees at sunset with a glowing red backgroundMcKenzie Beach Sunset, acrylic

Brian Buckrell came to painting after a career in veterinary medicine and agriculture at the University of Guelph in Ontario. He specializes in landscape and figurative work.


acrylic painting of a woman smelling a vase of flower on a bright red backgroundFragrance, acrylic

I particularly enjoy the use of colour in Brian’s work, and the slightly reduced, expressive views of the landscapes he paints. The scenery is arranged into larger blocks of colour which are immensely pleasing to the eye. The same principle of painting applies to Brian’s works of portraiture. His subjects are rendered with a seemingly loose hand that belies the great attention to detail in lighting and shape, lending his paintings a sense of effortless depth.


Brian also creates painted studies and sketches en plein air, bringing his easel outdoors and painting the landscape from life. This section of his artist webpage contains many example of greatly expressive odes to sunsets and tall, mysterious looking trees.


acrylic painting of a rock on water with vibrant colorsSunset Behind the Rock (Sketch), acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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