Concept Art by Ken Henderson


futuristic image of a chamberONNCALONchamberRED_ver03

Ken Henderson, otherwise known as Head Cheese Entertainment Inc, produces a wide variety of images in digital media, primarily working in the areas of concept art and design, as well as the design of logos for companies.


I really enjoy looking through Ken’s online artist page and seeing the immense range of different designs for fantastic worlds and stories. I especially enjoy his concepts for environments and sets, and the lovely attention to detail in so many bizarre and compelling sci-fi landscapes.

sketch of spaceships shooting laser beamsCloudy with a chance of disruptor beams, photoshop

Also displayed online are some of Ken’s preliminary sketches, which I like to see because they give such a great sense of process. These, as well as his finished concepts and branding projects for various organizations, are inspiring to anyone who hopes to become a graphic designer or concept artist, or for those who simply wish to appreciate the artistry.


drawing of two winged characters fightingWinged Battle

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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