Photomanipulation Works by Joeann Edmonds-Matthew

photograph of skyscraper with red windowsRed Windows

Looking at the photographic works of Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, I see works that are extremely detailed and yet often somehow abstract. Some of the works follow a realistic style while others focus purely on the materials of their making.


Joeann lives and works in California, where she uses photography and her own experience working in the film industry, to look closely at the images and expressions around her. Her use of special filters on photographs make many of them appear like oil paintings or abstract drawings.


photo manipulated images that looks like space sceneTaking Off Into the Unknown

Joeann’s webpage,, contains a vast array of photomanipulation works featuring various subject matter – landscapes, people, objects, insects, animals, architecture, and purely abstract musings on line, light and colour.


interior architecture of old stone buildingChambord Core with Balcony

I am particularly fond of her gallery of “abstract” works – some of which are softly abstracted from the forms of the photo’s subject, and some of which take on a whole new language of imagery, so heavily manipulated that only hints of the original photo remain.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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