Geometric Monotype Prints: Kristin Leigh Calhoun

mono print of circles in arc shapeZenithal, collographic monoprint

Our featured artist for the day, Kristin Leigh Calhoun, is primarily a printmaker working in monotype prints.


I really love the way Kristin uses grids and patterns to her advantage in her abstract works. Some pieces focus on large blocks of shape and colour, while in others there is a recurring pattern of larger shapes filled in with what appears as a writhing mass of abstract line and shape. These often geometric monotype prints sometimes stand alone as single pieces, and other times come together with sculptural forms to create larger installations.

wood sculpture of a sphere with a whole near the topSquared, A=144, wood

An example of this is Kristin’s White Noise (Pattern Recognition) piece, in which many small prints are mounted on a curved form jutting out from the wall to create a huge, rounded structure protruding into the space. Several photos on her artist's webpage give the viewer multiple angles of the piece.

ink blots on white paper using green, red, and blue inkGravitate, intaglio, spitbite aquatint

A lot of these works seem to have a scientific, or at least a sci-fi influence, particularly in some sculptural pieces that look straight out of Star Wars or something similar.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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