Organic vs. Geometric: the Paintings of Lili Phelouzat

digital illustration of geometric shapes and vibrant colorsFuture, digital illustration

Lili Phelouzat is Artist Run Website's featured artist today! Lili was born in France, and later moved to London. She is currently exhibiting in both France and the UK. Her body of work contains colourful, minimalist geometric illustrations, and complex, abstract paintings which combine the geometric, scientific, almost schematic imagery with more organic, tactile forms.


acrylic painting with dripping ink on canvas using bright colorsConscious of Repression, ink and acrylic on canvas

Looking through her website, I’m especially impressed by her gallery of paintings, which are overflowing with vibrant colour and movement. In many of these, Lili places a representational form – for example, a bird or a human figure – in an abstract environment, causing the viewer to question what is abstract and what is representational. This phenomenon carries over even into her purely abstract paintings, which play with line and shape in such a way as to create a vague but believable suggestion of figure.


acrylic painting of bird in a tunnelBlue Tit in Urban Jungle, acrylic, coarse pumice gel, ink, and permanent marker on canvas


The new works that Lili is posting on her blog make me excited to see where she’ll take this organic vs. geometric combination next!

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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