Bright Paintings With A Sculptural Bent: The Art of Jordan Kasey

painting of a head with the face cutout and organic shapes inside


How epic are these?! These colour saturated paintings by Jordan Kasey have a strongly sculptural tone and I am inspired by their intensity. To me they feel very "close-up" perhaps because of how the forms absolutely dominate the negative space. The colour in these works is positively luminous and the bright colours contrast each other perfectly. I often like to fill background spaces in my own works but here I am in love with these solid back drops that are simple gradient. To me, the backgrounds seems to emulate a blank and uncomprimising sky, blazing blue (image above) or an overcast shroud-gray (image below). My eye enjoys exploring/devouring the veritable buffet of organic forms, aquatic or perhaps from other areas of biology.

painting of black head with sea coral inside
Image source [1]

Image source [2]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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