Digital Collage Illustrations by Valerie Lesiak

A cartoonish image of two birds perched atop a stack of teacupsI Was Here First

Valerie Lesak is an illustrator living and working in Rocky River, Ohio. She has worked for a greeting card company and as such her illustrations are clear, fun and communicative.


While she does work digitally her style might be more accurately described as collage. Many different shapes, colours and patterns come together in each image to form objects and animals – birds, teacups and flowers being popular motifs. I enjoy the lighthearted, sweet nature of Valerie’s illustrations, and can see them being absolutely at home in greeting cards or family magazines.


Three greeting cards for themes including birth and marriageEveryday Card Samples

Her digital collage illustrations also often incorporate text, which adds accessibility and a certain poetic touch to the works. Illustration being a medium that demands clarity and communication, Valerie’s artworks are a great example of using an artistic medium to simplify a message and make it easily digestible and fun.


A cartoon of an elephant forming the letter EThe Letter E for Elephant

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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