Colourful, Dreamlike Paintings by Timothy Innamorato

An oil painting of a blue parrot next to a bowl of fruitFruit with Blue Parrot, oil on canvas


Timothy Innamorato is an artist born in Brooklyn, New York, who uses a vibrant palette and deeply layered images to create his colourful, dreamlike paintings. I enjoy the range of imagery and style that Timothy employs, and the wonderful amount of variety that this creates in his body of work. While he often uses a technique of partial abstraction – occasionally overlaying representational images with geometric lines or patterns of shapes – the paintings in which he sticks to a recognizable image carry the same slightly off-kilter feeling.


A colourful oil painting of the openings of several glass bottlesBlue Bottle Study, oil on canvas

Timothy’s use of colour works especially well in the regard: the paint seems somehow too bright, with extreme blue skies and water, and shining highlights that seem to emphasize everything in the image at once. Timothy takes the focus off of one particular subject and instead distributes it across the whole painting, allowing the viewer’s eye to follow.


An oil painting of a catAmanda, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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