Works by Women Artists: N.A.W.A. Massachsetts Chapter

An abstract oil painting mainly composed of blue tonesFeelings...#47, oil on canvas, Liana Moonie

Today we are featuring not a single artist, but an organization of them.  The National Association of Women Artists (Massachusetts Chapter, Inc.) is only one chapter of an organization that was started in 1889 by five women who were unjustly barred from participation in important but extremely male-dominated art societies at the time.


A very loose oil painting of a grove of bare trees, using blue and yellow tonesEnchanted, oil on linen, Lully Schwartz

I think it’s very important to showcase the work of some amazing artists who are part of the NAWA Massachusetts Chapter.  The artists in the Massachusetts chapters work in a range of styles and mediums, producing a lot of interesting work. I enjoy being able to see such a series of works by women artists: abstracts by Liana Moonie and Nella Lush, next to landscapes by Lisa Goren, photography by Susan Hammond, and many more.


A mixed-media abstract work composed of red and brown patches of colourNorth to South, East to West, mixed media, Nella Lush

In spite of the wide variety of artworks that are presented here, all of the works communicate and provide foils for one another, encouraging a cohesive feeling for the online gallery.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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