Modern Meets Rustic: Madera Fina Studio Furniture

An utra-modern solid wood benchContemporary Bench

Enrique Morales, the name behind Vancouver’s Madera Fina Furniture, creates beautiful furnishings that combine rustic, un-edited nature with smooth, refined furniture designs. Residing in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Enrique has access to the expansive woods of the area for inspiration. As a craftsman he is entire self-taught, and I can see a clear sense of play and exploration in his pieces.


A page of console tables on Madera Fina's webpageConsole Tables gallery on Enrique Morales' furniture website


a modern walnut coffee tableLive Edge Black Walnut Coffee Table


Madera Fina Studio Furniture produces a number of different handmade items, all incorporating different types of wood and different styles of working. I enjoy looking at the pieces where ultra-modern style meets the random, bumpy appearance of natural wood. Enrique’s website – – is full of examples of this sensibility, where modern meets rustic. Alongside larger pieces such as coffee tables and consoles, you can find a range of jewelry boxes that are as visually appealing as the jewelry pieces that might eventually go inside them.


A jewelry box made from bubinga and curly mapleJewelry Box, bubinga and curly maple


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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