Painting and Set Design by Yvonne Shaffer

A painting of an overgrown garden in front of a houseRiverside Inn, oil on canvas

Our featured artist of the day is Pennsylvania-based painter Yvonne Shaffer. Yvonne works in several different mediums and styles, including oil, watercolour and coloured pencil, also moving between representation and abstraction.


A screen capture of watercolour paintings on Yvonne Shaffer's websiteA gallery of watercolour paintings on Yvonne Shaffer's website


An abstract painting featuring waves of blueBlue, oil on canvas

Yvonne’s paintings show a great deal of texture – regardless of the subject matter one cannot help but be drawn to the surface, covered in quick, small brushstrokes that overlap and blend into one another. I enjoy her abstract paintings particularly because she seems to work very well with this effect – in some of the paintings, spiral patterns appear almost as a series of brush marks swarming together like insects or birds.


A theatre set for the playThe Producers, theatre set

Yvonne has also worked in live theatre, doing set design for several productions. Her sets are simple and allow setting to be established without overwhelming the actors. Visit Yvonne’s gallery website to view more  of her painting and set design.


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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