Personal, Original Artworks by Gas Pedals Tattoo

A tattoo featuring a stylized owl holding an hourglassUntitled

Today we are featuring the work of several artists rather than a single one. Gas Pedals Tattoo, located in Kelowna, BC, showcases the skill and expertise of their staff on their webpage: In the studio, artists Jessie, Brian, Kerri and Erin create unique, stylish tattoos for clients who want personal, original artworks.


A black and white tattoo of a stylized owlUntitled


Gas Pedals Tattoo's business

Looking through these portfolios, it’s a treat to see so many varied styles, from realistic, black and white tattoos of majestic animals, to figures done in a cartoonlike, somewhat “hipster” style, to larger pieces featuring entire landscapes and scenery in vibrant colour. Also being able to see the portfolios of several different artists showcases the different approaches to sometimes similar tattoo designs, and gives a nice feel for the overall tattoo studio. 


From highly detailed portraits of animals and figures, to Brian’s distinctive, colourful style the evokes earlier tattoo art,, Gas Pedals Tattoo offers something for a range of body-art enthusiasts.


A shoulder tattoo of three owls in flightUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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