Expressive, Dark-Toned Paintings by Bonnie Laird

An oil painting of a fisherman's profile on a blue backgroundWaiting for the Cod, oil on paper

Bonnie Laird is our featured artist for today! Bonnie’s website – – is packed with expressive, dark-toned paintings.


Bonnie’s figure paintings and portraits have a very particular style to them, one which calls to mind much earlier art movements where human features and colours were skewed to reflect a darker, more anonymous urban lifestyle. The human faces in Bonnie’s paintings feature small, heavily shadowed eyes that force the viewer to look to the exaggerated noses and jaw lines to find some sense of recognition. A common subject of Bonnie’s work is the “worker” – people doing jobs that involve manual or skilled labour, the sort of work that I find is associated with the industrial revolution and the art movements of the surrounding era.


A dark grey and black painting of clouds over the oceanLifeForms

Bonnie also produces landscapes and floral works which utilize the same dark, earthy tones of paint to great effect. These landscapes are not merely scenic, but rather ominous, deeply emotional reflections on nature and the environment.


A view of the portrait painting gallery on Bonnie Laird's websiteBonnie Laird's gallery of portrait paintings at

A dark, dramatically lit floral still-lifeInto the Garden, oil on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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