Collage Dreamscapes by Tracy Jager

A collage of a young man sitting across from a chair on an ambiguous backgroundthe perfect white between words, collage from handcut vintage images

Vancouver based artist Tracy Jager (also known online as Living Feral) works in a number if mediums, including photography, drawing and collage.


From some of these collages, I get the impression of the covers of old sci-fi novels. The quality of the images that she uses makes me think instantly that these come from very old copies of National Geographic or some such publication, which lends a universal yet very personal kind of nostalgia to Tracy‘s collages. Even the titles of these works all tell a story, pleading with the viewer to look for just a minute longer to unravel the narrative at hand.


A photograph of two shopping carts filled with twigsstrange fruits, 35mm photograph taken with vintage Pentax

The gallery of bird drawings on Tracy Jager's websiteTracy's gallery of bird drawings on her website

Tracy’s photography is equally interesting. The subject matter of her photos, usually objects and spaces – homes, alleys, junk left to rot in either of those - that might normally be overlooked are placed in a new light and become strange, mysterious and worthy of exploration. View more of Tracy’s work and her collage dreamscapes on her website:


A collaged image of a surreal scene with weather balloons and a young boythe messenger, collage from handcut vintage images

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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