Divine Line Art: Tattoos by Anastasia Proudnikova

a drawing of a mermaid sitting in an underwater sceneUntitled

Anastasia Proudnikova is our featured artist for today. Anastasia works as a tattoo artist, as well as creating her own original art and photography which is available on her webpage.


A composite image of several black and white tattoosUntitled


A screen capture of Anastasia Proudnikova's tattoo websiteAnastasia Proudnikova's online art gallery - www.divinelinestudio.com

Rather than a traditional commercial tattoo studio, Anastasia has a studio set up in her home, where her tattoo clients can have their design done in the utmost comfort and privacy. I like seeing all of her artistic explorations in her portfolio, where she shows us not only drawings that were made specifically to be tattooed on someone, but also personal drawings, and louder, more playful paintings with larger brushstrokes and loose line art.  As the name of her studio suggests, Anastasia produces some divine line-art!


As well as regular tattoo work Anastasia offers cosmetic tattoos, or “permanent make-up.” These procedures are generally subtle facial tattoos that enhance a person’s features the way make-up would, without the hassle of having to apply and remove the product each day.


A chest tattoo designed to look like machinery and gears under the skinUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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