Studio Sunday: Josef-Peter Roemer


A photo of several paintings in the home studio of Josef-Peter Roemer


Josef-Peter Roemer was born in Germany, and today lives and works from the state of Wisconsin. Looking at his work, it is easy to see the natural talent that would have made him a skilled artist even in his youth. Roemer’s work is representational, using a realistic style that is reminiscent of the soft, glowing faces and shining fabrics of paintings in the renaissance.


Roemer’s studio space in Readstown, Wisconsin is a relatively small, simple space, with just enough room for the artist’s supplies, and for several easels holding in-progress paintings. Shelves of supplies and books - perhaps for inspiration and technical research – make their homes in the corners of the space. The whole studio has the feeling of a converted basement or garage, a nice, comfortable space to work in, not too cold or clinical.


Roemer’s first artistic job was as an illustrator and animator for PBS. He spent a while working as an illustrator in the 70’s and 80’s, before getting a job as a painter and sculptor in the entertainment industry. I can see the years of training in illustration coming through in his works, particularly because his paintings have such a narrative style to them. They are less singular scenes than depictions of a series of overlapping events, something like a condensed mural or tapestry.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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