Memory and Observation: Art by Monique Fouquet

A simple carcoal drawing of a crowd of people with negative space instead of a backgroundCrowd #3, graphite on paper

Our featured artist for today is Monique Fouquet. Monique holds an MFA from Simon Fraser University and a PhD from the University of British Columbia. She works in various mediums, producing works that range from innocuous, quiet charcoal drawings to incongruously bright prints.


A giclee print with a collection of fragmentary images overlaid with blocks of colourMountain 2013, giclee print on Arches paper

Monique’s series of charcoal drawings are a subtle reflection on photographs and memory . The subjects of these drawings are figures from photographs of the past that the artist has collected, singling out people and small hints of scenery to allow us to look deeper into the associations behind the photograph itself – a look which wouldn’t be as simple with the complex colour palette and crowded scene that might have overtaken the original image.


This theme of memory and observation carries over into Monique’s prints, which combine fragmentary images of objects and places from the artist’s personal memories with bright, monochromatic negative space – the colours used in these prints tend to offset the darker tones of the photographs.


A graphite drawing of a woman viewing a large sculptureUntitled 2008, graphite on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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