Information and Aesthetics: Design by Sara Gonzales

A magazine advertisement for a hair salonBeyond Salon

Sara Gonzales is a designer from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and she’s also our featured artist today! Working as a graphic designer, Sara creates advertisements, brochures, invitations and other communicative objects that are a perfect mix of information and aesthetics.


A billboard advertisement for LegoRobot Billboard


Website of Sarah Gonzales' design workAdvertising for Lego on Sara Gonzales' website

Designing primarily for advertisements in magazines and brochures, Sara must create layouts that are simple and easy to read, but that are also interesting enough to catch the reader’s eye. Many of the advertising designs on Sara’s portfolio are examples ads with cut-out coupons that one might find in a magazine or newspaper. Thus, Sara’s job is to include information about the service as well as a space for the coupon as efficiently and with as little clutter as possible.


As well as advertising, Sara also does more personalized projects such as wedding invitations. Her eye for aesthetics shines through in particular here – as well as in the photographs of her personal artwork, where she explores the mediums of paint and drawing.


A clean, simply designed wedding invitationM&A Invitation

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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