Studio Sunday: Daniel Clowes


A photo of Daniel Clowes in his home studio


This Sunday we’re taking a glance inside the studio of acclaimed comic artist and graphic novelist, Daniel Clowes. Born in Chicago in 1961, Clowes received his BFA from the Pratt institute in New York, and went on to produce some of the most well-known and well-loved graphic novels in the contemporary era.


Clowes’ studio in his home in Oakland, California (pictured above), is where he produces most of his work. The studio space is cozy, with a well-lit, angled drawing table at the centre of it for making illustrations. The cupboards and shelves surrounding the table are packed with reference materials and supplies – paper, pens, ink, and paint. My favourite part of Clowes’  studio are the sizeable bookcases on the back wall – I’ll bet those cases are packed with fascinating reference materials, comic books from Clowes’ peers, drawing books, and whatever happens to inspire the artist. This studio seems like the perfect amount of space for making comic books – everything within arm’s reach from the central desk, with plenty of opportunity for having one’s nose in a book!


The anthology comic book Eightball, founded by Clowes, is what originally put him on the map as a skillful artist and storyteller. Most of Clowes’ well-known works first appeared in this publication, which no longer runs. Among his most popular works is the graphic novel Ghost World, which tells the story of the last summer in a high-school friendship between two teenage girls. The novel was made into a movie in 2001. Clowes wrote the screenplay for the movie in collaboration with director Terry Zwigoff.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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