Romantic Murals by Robert Milling

A mural of the sky opening up out of a ceilingUntitled mural

Robert Milling is a classical mural painter from Los Angeles, California. His trompe l’oeil painting style is reminiscent of the works of great renaissance painters. Working as a professional artist for over 30 years, Robert has had plenty of time to perfect his skill, working as a freelance mural painter for companies and private clients all over the world.


Mural paintings on the art website of Robert MillingRobert Milling's gallery of murals on his website

An oil painting of a crowd of people on a beachUnkown Folks at Third Street, oil on canvas

The subject matter of Robert’s murals is also classical – often featuring angelic figures in paradise-like garden scenes cover walls and ceilings. Robert also has a great eye for perspective, and looking at these romantic murals in person must be like staring directly into another world. You really get a great sense of depth with these. Along with his murals, Robert also does faux finish work which gives his art an interesting carry-over into interior design.


Also on Robert’s website are some personal paintings of the California coast. While his skilled hand for realism continues in these paintings, the scenes are a little more familiar.


A mural depicting several cherubic figuresUntitled, mural

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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