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Headlines: Record Sale and Art World Controversy

1) Da Vinci Sale Sets New Art World Record

Leonardo Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi


The art world is rife with excited chatter today following a record-breaking auction sale of a Leonardo Da Vinci painting from Christie’s in New York. The painting, an oil portrait of Jesus Christ dating back to the 16th century, is the last Da Vinci work in private ownership and sold for a bid of $400 million USD, plus around $50 million in additional fees. After a tense 19-minute bidding…

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Headlines: Grasshopper, Botero, Selfie

1) Dead Grasshopper Found in Van Gogh Painting

A photo og Van Gogh's Olive Trees


A dead grasshopper was found embedded in a layer of paint in a work by Vincent Van Gogh. Conservationist Mary Schafer of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas first spotted the insect body in Van Gogh's Olive Trees after examining a section of the work with a microscope. Judging from how deeply the creature was embedded in the layers of paint, Schafer concluded that the insect must…

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Headlines: MetroCards, Linda Nochlin, Halloween

1) Linda Nochlin Dies at 86

A photo of art critic Linda Nochlin


Famed feminist art critic Linda Nochlin passed away on October 29th at the age of 86. Nochlin was known in particular for her 1971 essay “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” which had a large hand in opening the doors for contemporary art and artists to question the patriarchal personification of the artist as an aggressively macho, tortured man. In this Vulture article, fellow critic Jerry…

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Headlines: The Sacklers, Aspen, Hong Kong

1) A Look at the Sacklers: Art Philanthropists and Opioid Manufacturers

A photo of the Sackler Gallery in Washington


A long read in the New Yorker about the Sackler family, who have helped build and fund some of the most well-known and beloved museums in the United States and around the world -- including the Met, MoMA, the Guggenheim, and even the Louvre. The family have long been noted philanthropists, using their fortune to fund not only the arts, but various charities and…

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Headlines: Bank, Monsters, Cars

1) Controversial Performance Artist Sets Fire to Paris Bank

A photo of Pyotr Pavlensky in front of a Paris bank shortly before being arrested

A Russian performance artist was detained by French authorities after setting fire to a bank in Paris as part of an art piece. Pyotr Pavlensky, who achieved infamy in 2013 after nailing his scrotum to the paved ground of Moscow’s Red Square. Pavlensky was granted political asylum in France in May of this year. According to the artist, setting fire to an entrance to the Bank…

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Headlines: Vatican, Bull's Head, Desert X

1) More Replicas of Vatican City Landmarks to Come

An interior photo of mosaics in the Gregoriano Profano museum in Vatican City


Last June, Mexico city played host to a life-sized, exacting replica of the Sistine Chapel. The project, a privately-funded venture dreamed up by Mexican entrepreneur Antonio Berumen, saw each of the Chapel’s intricate fresco paintings reproduced with photo-transfer techniques and installed on canvas inside a wooden replica of the church. The project was such a popular success that…

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Headlines: Fearless, Guggenheim, Kusama

1) Fearless Girl Firm Found Underpaying Women and Minority Workers

A photo of Fearless Girl


The firm responsible for funding the now infamous “Fearless Girl” statue on New York’s Wall Street has reached a settlement after being found to have underpaid hundreds of women and minority workers. State Street, a Boston-based financial firm, was audited in 2012, an examination which reportedly brought to light the company’s significant underpayment of black…

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Headlines: Shrooms, Cruetly, Immigration

1) Art Dealer Arrested for Mushrooms at Burning Man

An exterior photo of a Vito Schnabel gallery in St. Moritz Switzerland

Art dealer Vito Schnabel was arrested at Burning Man 2017 under charges of possessing psylocibin or “magic mushrooms,” a popular psychedelic drug. Schnabel, the owner of a number of galleries in the United States as well as Europe, has pleaded not guilty to the charge, but if he is convicted he could be imprisoned for up to 5 years, according to TMZ (who originally reported the…

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Headlines: Earthquake, Urban Art, Mondrian

1) Mexico's Art World Recovering After Earthquake

A 2013 photo of the Museo Jumex in Mexico City


Mexico City is reeling following a devastating earthquake on September 19th, and local arts and culture institutions are just beginning to take stock. The earthquake’s epicenter was just 100 miles away from Mexico City, and as of this writing the death toll for the quake is sitting at 200. ArtNews is keeping a watchful eye on Mexican museums, who are continuously updating social…

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Headlines: Sarcophagus, News, Queermuseum

1) Met Acquires First-Century Sarcophagus

A photo of a sarcophagus acquired by the Met Museum


New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has acquired an Egyptian sarcophagus dating back to the first century. The coffin was built for the priest Nedjemankh and features intricate detailing in various precious metals, as well as design features intended to help the owner into the afterlife. Prior to the museum’s acquisition, the sarcophagus was owned by an unnamed private collector, who…

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Headlines: Dali, Irma, Baselitz

1) Dali Not the Father in Paternity Suit

A photo of Salvador Dali

The results of Salvador Dali’s posthumous paternity test are in, and it looks like the artist was not the father after all. Forensic scientists in Madrid, Spain, exhumed the body of the artist for testing following a lawsuit by Pilar Abel, a woman who claimed that the famously childless surrealist had in fact had an affair with her mother in the 1950’s. Had the paternity tests come out…

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Headlines: Paglin, SAMO, Harvey

1) A Profile of Photographer Trevor Paglin

A photograph by Trevor Paglin, part of the artist's The Last Pictures series

Here’s a profile of artist Trevor Paglin, who has been creating works that explore the idea of surveillance for a number of years. The artist is known for photographing restricted areas and military installations with the help of specialized camera lenses normally used for astrophotography. A survey of Paglin’s work is scheduled to open at the Smithsonian in summer 2018. The article is an…

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Headlines: Gotz, Wiki, Koons

1) New York Museum Increases Pressure to Remove Central Park Monument

A photo of a monument in Central Park set to be removed

In a continuation of last week’s numerous stories about Confederate monuments being removed from cities around the U.S., a great amount of pressure is now being put on the city of New York to remove a statue that currently stands in Central Park. The East Harlem statue commemorates Dr. J. Marion Sims, a 19th-century doctor who is known for revolutionizing a…

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Headlines: Momofuku, Confederate Monuments, Pantone

1) Encouraging Creative Thought Through Instant Noodles

A wall of ramen packaging at the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Japan

Here’s a profile of the Japanese museum dedicated to instant ramen noodles. The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum is named after the inventor of instant noodles, and features exhibitions about everything from the invention process to current packaging designs. Guests can even participate in interactive exhibits - one in which visitors make their own instant noodles from scratch,…

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Headlines: Water, Dogs, STEAM

1) Artist Plans Sale of Flint Water

A video still of Pope.L discussing his Flint Water Project


Artist Pope.L is planning an ambitious piece of conceptual art for the Detroit-based gallery, What Pipeline. Pope.L’s project, descriptively titled Flint Water Project, will involve the bottling and sale of 1,200 individual bottles of water from Flint, Michigan, the town which has become infamous for its protracted struggle with area government to restore clean drinking and tap water. In order to…

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