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Headlines: The NEA, #J20, Arctic

1) Trump's Plan Could Include a Shutdown of the NEA
A digital image of the logo of the NEA


A recent report indicates that Donald Trump intends to completely defund the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) as part of budget cuts outlined in his presidential platform. Under the Obama administration the NEA’s annual budget was roughly $146 million, less than 0.3 percent of the U.S. government’s total budget. Trump’s administration reportedly intends to reduce federal…

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Headlines: Met, Women, Inauguration

1) Met Museum Postpones Expansion in Favor of Repairs

A photo of the Great Hall inside the Met Museum


The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s plans to celebrate its 150th anniversary with a new wing have been delayed due to financial issues. While the hope was to have the $600 million new wing open in 2020, officials announced on Wednesday that the Met must instead devote the necessary time and money to repairing the skylights and roof above the rooms housing European paintings.…

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Headlines: Ad Space, Tilt Brush and Arts Investment

1) Artists  Fill Ad Space With Artwork

A public artwork by Adam Wallacavage installed in an ad space in Brooklyn


This week marks the launch of Art in Ad Places, a year-long campaign by a number of artists to put artwork in spaces normally reserved for advertising. The campaign will see art installed in bus shelters and payphone booths throughout New York City. Though the works are not all explicitly anti-advertisement, the organizers of the campaign see the artworks as a way of questioning and protesting…

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Headlines: Fire, Dali and Darkness

1) Owner of Destroyed Zoffany Painting may be Fully Remibursed by National Trust

An 18th-century painting by Johann Zoffany


The government of the U.K. is likely to pay a record-setting £4 million in insurance money to cover the value of a painting that was destroyed in a fire. The painting was Johann Zoffany’s “The Mathew Family at Felix Hall, Kelvedon, Essex.” Painted in the 1760’s, the work pictured a young George Mathew, the descendants of whom were its owners. It…

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Headlines: Gingerbread, Art Handlers and Bikes

1) New York Art Dealer Charged With Selling Smuggled Artworks


Some of the antiquities seized by border control regarding the Nancy Weiner case


Nancy Weiner, a New York-based art dealer whose clients include Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses, has been charged with selling stolen and smuggled antiquities. According to the Manhattan District Attorney, Weiner may have been buying illegal artefacts and creating fake paperwork to cover up dubious provenance since 1999. Weiner’s process may have even…

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Headlines: Skulptur, Empty, and Marijuana

1) Empty Gallery: A Pitch Black Art Space in Hong Kong

Guests viewing a Takashi Makino film at Empty Gallery in Hong Kong


A Hong Kong gallery is flipping the script as far as gallery design goes. Hong Kong’s recently-expanded Empty Gallery is a two-floor space with entirely black walls, floors, and even fixtures - the complete opposite of the pristine white cube that we’ve come to expect from gallery spaces. Founder Stephen Cheng believes that a pitch black space is the ideal conductor for art…

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Headlines: Chicago, Cedar, and Snapchat

1) Chicago Art Institute to Offer Free Admission to High Schoolers

An exterior photo of the Art Institute in Chicago


The Art Institute in Chicago is expanding its free admission program to include high-school aged teens. Currently, the Institute offers free admission to children up to 13 years of age. Thanks to a sizeable donation by Kansas-based philanthropists Glenn and Claire Swogger, teens aged 14 to 17 will also get into the museum for free, starting in the new year. The…

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Headlines: Basel, Van Gogh and Snowflakes

1) Miami Basel's Sculpture Park Boasts Meaningful Public Art

A side view of Glenn Kaino's sculpture, Invisible Man


Art Basel Miami Beach is now underway, and here’s a look at some of the outdoor sculpture that’s being displayed as part of the fair. The full outdoor public art exhibition is titled “Ground Control,” and features separate works from 20 different participating artists. Though this Hyperallergic article notes that the equal gender representation of last year’s…

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Headlines: Music, Movies, and Replica Art

1) The Future of Restoration May Lie in Convincing Forgery

A photo of a 3D replica made by Factum Arte


Technological advancements such as 3-D printing and digital scanning and rendering may be the next -  less dangerous - step forward in the preservation and restoration of ancient or endangered artworks. This article in the New Yorker looks specifically at a few different ancient artworks including the wall paintings inside King Tutankhamen’s burial chamber, that have been…

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Headlines: Iraqi Art, Prison Art, Political Art

1) Artists to Restage Baghdad Exhibition

A photo of a bombed-out shopping center in Karrada, Baghdad


At the end of August, a group of artists led by Iraqi-Canadian artist Riyadh Hashim, came together for an art show that they staged in the ruins of a bombed-out shopping center in the Karrada district of Baghdad. The shopping center had been the site of a vehicular suicide bombing that killed over 300 people at the beginning of July. While Hashim’s pop-up art show was shut down by local…

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Headlines: Destructive Selfie, Poland, and Trump's Art Market

1) Centuries-Old Statue Toppled by Tourist

A photo of an 18th-century sculpture of Saint Michael


An 18th-century Portuguese sculpture of Saint Michael is the latest artefact to fall victim to a blundering museum-goer. The statue, which was on display at Lisbon’s National Museum of Ancient Art, was knocked over after an unnamed Brazilian tourist backed into it while trying to capture a selfie in his phone. According to a Facebook post left by museum staff after the incident, the statue…

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Headlines: Louvre, Sobey and the Wall

1) French President Proposes Safe Storage for Threatened Artefacts

A photo of Francoise Hollande at the Louvre Lens


French president Francoise Hollande has proposed that Louvre may help to safely store artefacts that have been rescued from war-torn areas. The statement is relevant to the planning of the Paris museum’s new storage facility in Liévin, near the Louvre-Lens, a satellite museum located around 200 kilometers north of Paris. Hollande was opening an exhibition at the…

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Headlines: Emoji, Forgery and Studios

1) MoMA Acquires Original Set of Emoji

A screen capture of the original set of emoji


The Museum of Modern Art has officially acquired the original set of emojis for its permanent collection. The set dates back all the way to 1999, when it was released by the Japanese company NTT DOCOMO, for use with the cell phones of the day. Senior curator of the Department of Architecture and Design Paola Antonelli noted that collecting design has always been part of MoMA’s mandate, and the…

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Headlines: Verlaine's Gun, Talking Robots and Beast Jesus 2.0

1) Christie's to Auction Poetic Weapon

An auction photo of the gun used by Verlaine to shoot Rimbaud

Christie’s has announced that it will be selling a weapon of attempted murder last used in the 19th century. A gun that served as the culmination of a well-documented feud between the French poets Verlaine and Rimbaud will go on auction in Paris in November, where it’s expected to sell for between $55,000 and $76,000 USD. Rimbaud and Verlaine, once inseparable friends, began a series of vicious…

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Headlines: Basquiat, Pollock and Centaur

1) Never-Before-Seen Basquiats to Debut in Miami

Untitled by Jean-Michel Basquiat


X-Contemporary, a smaller art fair that runs in conjunction with Art Basel Miami, has announced that it will be displaying a few never-before-seen Basquiat works, made during the early years of the artist’s short career. Curated by Al Diaz, who himself collaborated with Basquiat at one point, has curated the collection. The works will appear in Miami’s Nobu Hotel from November 30th…

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