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Unconventional Lives: Photography by Michael Matthew Woodlee

A photograph of a vascular catheterVascular Catheter

Michael Matthew Woodlee is a photographer who works to capture candid moments of subjects living unconventional lives. Michael’s photography is skillfully framed but always feels organic and intently present.

A photograph of wilderness inside Yosemite National ParkHalf Dome from above Tenaya Lake

In our previous feature of Michael’s artwork we looked at the way his images are presented as dramatic fragments of a fuller narrative. While each photo presents a great deal of…

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Headlines: Portaits, Projection, 5 Pointz

1) On the Official Obama Portraits

Amy Sheralds portrait of Michelle Obama


Art critics are weighing in on the recently unveiled official presidential portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama. The former president’s portrait, commissioned from artist Kehinde Wiley, sets the figure of Mr. Obama in a forward-leaning stance, set against a bright background of crisp, green leaves. In the New Yorker, Vinson Cunningham calls attention to the slight skewed perspective in the work,…

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Weighty, Tactile Abstractions: Art by David Ferguson

An abstract mixed media artwork with strong textureBRANCH WATER, cast cotton, gold leaf, acrylic on board

Painter and choreographer David Ferguson creates weighty, tactile abstractions and equally expressive patterns of movement. Often working in collaboration with other dancers and choreographers, David participates in both the behind-the-scenes production and the performance of his dances.


RUSH OF WATER/ RUSH OF AIR (working draft 2012), collaboration with Jung ah Chung, Robb…

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Novel Meanings: Art by Emma Lehto

A cut paper artwork made from an issue of Newton's IllustratedCollage 1: Helmut Newton's Illustrated: No. 1, cut paper (collage)

Emma Lehto is a typographical artist based in Vancouver, BC. Emma often creates her works using a reductive process, cutting away portions of ubiquitous found texts to create images with novel meanings.

A detail of a cut paper work made from an issue of a magazineRejected: Playgirl Magazine #2 (detail), cut paper, paper sculpture

I’m enjoying Emma’s works in which her exacto-knife cuts are guided by the shapes of human figures,…

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Short Prose: Writing by Frédérick Wolfe

An illustration by Marie-Eve Tremblay for Des roches plein les pochesDes roches plein les poches, illustration by Marie-Ѐve Tremblay


Frédérick Wolfe is a French-Canadian author and screenwriter. Frédérick has produced writing for a number of television series, as well as a children’s novel and several pieces of short prose for the Prix de la Nouvelle Radio-Canada.


Bing Bang - serie documentaire


I’m really interested in Frédérick’s children’s book, “Des roches plein les poches”…

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Anatomical and Medical Illustrations by Carey Pelto

An illustration of the anatomy of the head and neckHead and Neck Anatomy, digital pencil and airbrush

Carey Pelto has a professional background in both illustration and medicine, and now combines the two in his art practice. Specializing in anatomical and medical illustrations, Carey depicts the human body with a delicate, yet frank and honest sensibility.

A cover illustration for a surgical journalThe Ghosts of Surgery


It’s interesting to see Carey’s medical illustrations alongside more classically-inspired figure…

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Meaning of Objects: Art by Craig Brumwell

A drawing of a rail with lots of negative spaceRail (Switch), charcoal on paper

Vancouver-based artist Craig Brumwell uses his practice to explore the cultural and allegorical meaning of objects, especially those objects that appear disused or nearing the end of their life. The artist uses a range of media to explore these concepts, presenting imagery in a straightforward, documentarian fashion.

A drawing of a rail overgrown by grass and treesRail (Backshore Crossing), charcoal on paper

In our previous feature of Craig’s

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Unique, Handmade Ceramics: Crain Art Studio

A ceramic box adorned with bright colors and patternsTall Tree Box

Cathy Crain, along with her daughter Carie and granddaughter Sharae, create work under the umbrella of Crain Art Studio. With a focus on unique, handmade ceramics, Crain produces custom works at the request of customers, as well as original, personal artworks.

A photo of two ceramic horsesPaint Horses - small, hand-sculted, Raku-fired clay


I’m quite taken by the overall aesthetic of the Crains ceramic works. While the trio does produce vessels and…

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Gestural Works and Abstractions by Guy Grogan

A painting of greenish stripes of color with an interesting textureShowing My Stripes #1, mixed media on gesso board

Artist Guy Grogan creates gestural works and abstractions that seem infused with deep feeling. Working in paint, drawing, and sculpture techniques, Guy uses a distinctive color palette and a talent for building volumes to evoke mysterious concepts.

A painting with black and pale glossy stripesShowing My Stripes #10


I’m really enjoying looking through the works in Guy’s Showing My Stripes series. The works here are easily…

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Bright Figurative Images: Art by Frans Geerlings

An oil painting of a battle at seaBattle at Sea Dutch VS British, oil paint


Frans Geerlings was born in the Netherlands and is now based in Salem, Oregon. In his artistic practice, Frans creates bright figurative images combining oil paint with chalk and pastel.

A painting of a barn framed with barn woodOld Barn, acrylic paint in authentic Texas barnwood frame


I enjoy the way Frans showcases most of his works in frames on his website. The borders add an extra dimension to the works, and make it seem as…

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Melting Ice Cream: Art by Deirdre Hofer

A photograph of an ice cream cone on the groundCone Pour

Vancouver-based artist Deirdre Hofer creates multimedia artworks that explore memory and sensation. Deridre takes unexpected objects as motif, often utilizing melting ice cream cones and snowmen to express the passage of time, among other concepts.

A mixed media artwork depicting six ice cream conesSix Cones 2, collage, acrylic and graphite on illustration board


I rather enjoy Deirdre’s work with ice cream cones. Whether she’s utilizing real ice cream, photographing or…

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Personal and Sentimental: Art by Jodi Mellick

A sculpted fairy doll with auburn hairAubrey, polymer clay, mohair, fabric, wood base, plastic wings, eyelashes, painted eyes, feathers

Jodi Mellick uses her art practice to express notions of beauty with a focus on the personal and sentimental. Working a variety of media including painting and sculpture, Jodi creates works that hearken to a bygone era.

A painting of an Edwardian teal dressEdwardian Teal, acrylic on canvas

I’m quite impressed by Jodi’s works of sculpture – the artist creates lifelike…

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Bodily Language: Choreography by Brice Noeser

A photo of Brice Noeser during a dance performanceBrice during a performance (photo by Jean-Francois Duke)

Brice Noeser is a dancer and choreographer known for his contemporary, gestural approach to movement and bodily language. Originally from Quebec, Brice moved to France and began honing his dance practice at the age of 16.

Teaser video for Ruminant Ruminant


I enjoy watching clips of some of Brice’s many performances and pieces of choreography on his website. The movements that…

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Art With Healing Practices: Gallery 555

An artwork by Stacey SprouleYou turned it on the world, that's when you turned the world around, gel pen on paper by Stacey Sproule

Located on Bloor Street in Toronto, Ontario, Gallery 555 is a contemporary gallery space focused on showcasing emerging artists. The space combines art with healing practices including in-house acupuncture and yoga workshops.

An artwork by Rebecca ChaperonGather, acrylic on paper by Rebecca Chaperon


I’m really enjoying looking through the catalog of current…

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Lightly Abstracted Photographs by G. W. Jones

An edited photo of a tree lined landscapeUntitled

Gary Jones, a.k.a. G.W. Jones, creates lightly abstracted photographs that seek to capture a deeper sense of the world around us. Gary’s works often center on older architectural forms, as well as nature – in particular, avian subjects.

A photograph of an angelic statueUntitled


I enjoy the way Gary brings some level of abstraction and impressionist visual language into his photographs. While his subjects are for the most part immediately recognizable,…

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