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Naturalistic Bird Portraits: Art by Cody Blomberg

A drawing made with digital colorsHawk, Water, Poem, pencil and photoshop coloring

Cody Blomberg is a painter and mixed media artist who incorporates a variety of subjects into his work. Cody moves effortlessly between paintings and murals for children, conceptual paintings, and an ongoing series of naturalistic bird portraits.

An art print of a painting of an owlC-153 Horned Owl, art print on plywood with textured clearcoat and patina finish


I like looking through Cody’s gallery of bird paintings –…

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Concept Art and Storyboard Art by Hendrik Gericke

A floral wall mural designed with colored and black and white elementsRather Tart illustrated wallpaper

Hendrik Gericke creates concept art and storyboard art under his studio name The Flying Dutchman. Using mostly digital art techniques, Hendrick’s works set the stage for future polished animations, short films, and advertisements.


The Flying Dutchman art showreel


I enjoy seeing a collection of work that is so focused toward a final vision. Looking through Hendrick’s portfolio is like looking…

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Fleeting Natural Beauty: Art by Gwenda Branjerdporn

A colorful landscape paintingFlinders Ranges, SA, acrylic on canvas

Gwenda Branjerdporn is a painter who works mainly with acrylics, creating works that capture fleeting natural beauty. Utilizing a broad, saturated color palette and observational style, Gwenda works to capture beauty in the everyday.

A painting of an Australian king parrotAustralian King Parrot, acrylic on canvas


I love the exuberant way that Gwenda utilizes color throughout her portfolio. The artist doesn’t seem to adhere to a…

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Vibrant Plein-Air Landscapes by Brian Buckrell

A painting of a mountainous landscape in CanadaThree Sisters Spring, Canmore, acrylic


Brian Buckrell is a Comox, BC-based painter who works in both acrylic and oil, creating vibrant plein air landscapes that are imbued with a great sense of life and movement. Brian’s portfolio combines technical skill and realistic landscape painting with an expressionist color sensibility.

A landscape painting with bright light and warm colorsLighthouse Evening, acrylic


I find Brian’s use of color throughout his portfolio quite stunning. Each…

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Archival Aesthetic: Art by Matthew Rangel

An installation view of a series of works on the Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Codex, installation view

Matthew Rangel is a conceptual artist and illustrator based in New Mexico. In his artistic practice, Matthew draws on his experiences growing up between natural beauty and socioeconomic upheaval to inform a scientific, archival aesthetic.

A print work depicting an area of the sierra NevadaSierra Nevada Codex, Muro Blanco, etching and lithography


I really enjoy the field-sketch sensibility of Matthew’s works. Even when installed in a gallery…

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Cohesive Cloudscapes: Art by Ian Fisher

A painting of clouds in blue and white tonesAtmosphere No. 82 (T-shirt & Jeans), oil on canvas

Ian Fisher is an artist based in Denver, Colorado, who specializes in airy paintings of cloudy skies. Ian’s paintings present an intense, studious focus on the changing texture and color of these cohesive cloudscapes.

A painting of a blue cloud on a black backgroundAtmosphere No. 85, oil on canvas

I really appreciate the way Ian uses blending and oil painting techniques in his works. Despite his very ethereal subject matter, he…

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Smooth Curvature: Ceramic Art by Elaine Clapper

A photo of a set of ceramic piecesblue creamer and sugar bowls

Today’s featured artist is ceramicist Elaine Clapper. Elaine’s ceramic practice is centered around vessels and other household objects, including bowls, jars, cups, and plates made with smooth curvature and earth-toned glazes.

A ceramic bowl with a sculpted leaf detailRed bowl w leaf


I enjoy the manner in which Elaine subtly introduces textural and sculptural elements into her ceramic objects. On some jars and cups, the exterior surface is…

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Digitally Rendered Geometric: Art by Melissa Ann Lambert

A digital artwork with overlapping shapes in blueTriskelion

Melissa Ann Lambert is an artist who creates complex abstract compositions with digitally rendered geometric forms. Melissa’s works tend toward bright, cohesive color palettes and hard edges.

A digital artwork with stripes of blue and blackSupergravity

I enjoy the way Melissa uses a similar framing for each image – her works in a series all seem to be the same size and dimensions, which allows for the viewer to focus only on the internal composition and color of a work.…

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Cocktails to Casseroles: Food Styling by David Grenier

A photograph of some fruity cocktailsUntitled

Food photographer and stylist David Grenier has made an artistic career out of making various treats look even more tempting. The artist’s portfolio showcases his skill at creating seasonal settings for food, and enhancing the look of everything from cocktails to casseroles.

A photo of some sweet bars stacked atop one anotherUntitled


I like how David presents different types of food in accordance with the flavors, events, and season associated with that food. Fresh salads,…

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Figurative Expressionism: Art by Jeffrey Newman

A painting of a strange cartoon, acrylic on canvas

Jeffrey Newman creates paintings based around an aesthetic of abstract and figurative expressionism, combining techniques of drip-painting, landscape painting, and text elements into works that have an aura of spirituality and introspection.

A painting of a red sky with black silhouetted treesblood red sky, acrylic on canvas


Jeffrey’s portfolio, “NuISMS” is packed with works in a warm color palette that strikes me as quite inviting. The artist…

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Single-Panel Political Cartoons by Chris Gill

A sarcastic single-panel comicclear

Cartoonist Chris Gill produces gestural sketches in traditional and digital media. Chris’ works are often styled in the manner of single-panel political cartoons, each image taking on a narrative quality when combined with a one-liner quip or observation.

A satirical political cartoon about the popular voteThe Popular Vote


I like the somewhat esoteric direction that Chris has been taking in some of his most recent drawings. While many of the artist’s cartoons directly…

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Sturdy Metal Structures: Art by Michael Kinghorn

An outdoor metal sculpture with geometric linesOverhaul

Michael Kinghorn is a blacksmith and metal sculptor who creates sturdy metal structures that combine pure abstraction with a science-fiction aesthetic. Based in Wakefield, Quebec, the artist works with iron as well as variety of other metals.

A photo of a metalwork sphere in a gallerySphere


I like the way Michael combines a very hard-edged industrial aesthetic with a sense of almost childlike wonder in his pieces. Though he uses heavy sheets of metal, and hard,…

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Tech Couture: Art by Angela Dale

A photo of a woman modelling a futuristic dressChameleon, model: Tessa Grenier, photo: Chuck Szmurlo

Angela Dale is a costume designer and textile artist who creates works of tech couture. Combining traditional sewing and garment-making techniques with innovative additions like light-up accents and digitally-rendered patterns, Angela’s practice gives us a glimpse into the future of fashion.

A photo of a woman modelling a futuristic fashion designElectrolove, model: Alexia Day, photo: Chuck Szmurlo


I like looking through Angela’s…

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Color Theory: Art by Christann Kennedy

A painting of two abstract geometric volumesTwo Geometric Ideas, oil on canvas

Vancouver-based artist Christann Kennedy uses oil, acrylic, and silkscreen techniques to create abstract geometric images that utilize color theory to great effect. The artist’s works are heavily focused on composition, with special attention paid to the points where different hues meet or interact.

A painting of an oblong shape on a pink backgroundUntitled (Pink with Portal), oil on canvas

I enjoy the way Christann uses color to create a sense of…

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Multiple Disciplines: Art by Mizu

A painting of aspens in front of an abstract backgroundSeven Aspens

Colorado-based artist Isaac Carpenter works under the moniker Mizu, creating colorful paintings and works of mixed media that combine multiple disciplines. Mizu’s paintings have appeared on traditional canvas and board, as well as vinyl records, t-shirts, and building walls.

A painting of pale tress on a vinyl recordUntitled


I love the artist’s use of color throughout his portfolio. Mizu’s pigments are highly saturated, and often in primary reds, blues, and…

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