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Sweeping Landscape Paintings by Vicki Beamish

A painting of cows in a large, grassy meadowCariboo Serenity, oil on canvas

Currently located in Penticton, BC, Vicki Beamish displays her love for nature through her sweeping landscape paintings. Depicting everything from marshes to hoodoos, Vicki's work showcases an eye for detail, and an appreciation for the environment.


A painting of hoodoos in the British Columbia interiorSummerland Hoodoos, oil on canvas

Painting with oil on canvas, Vicki is able to get an incredible amount of detail into each work. I’m impressed with the…

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Portraits of Houses and Storefronts by Joel David Abramson

A watercolor painting of a housePennsylvania Country House, watercolor

Artist and illustrator Joel David Abramson creates charming portraits of houses and storefronts. With an eye for architectural details, Joel renders his subjects a style that ranges from cartoonish to highly realistic.

A painting of a Halloween shop frontTeeners Halloween, acrylic


Joel’s watercolor paintings of houses are really great. It’s rather notable how the artist is able to get such straight lines and accurate…

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Encaustic Paintings by Lisa Printz

A triptych of encaustic paintingsWaxy, (triptych) encaustic wax on board


Lisa Printz’ portfolio website is packed with everything from abstract encaustic paintings to prairie landscapes. The artist currently resides in Vancouver, BC.


A painting made from six boardsJericho Morning, encaustic and collage on 6 boards


As Lisa says in her artist’s statement, she has an affinity for “sweeping and fluid gestures.” This is clear, particularly in the artist’s work with oil and pastels,…

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Sunny Scenes: Watercolor by Travis Poelle

A watercolor painting of two men playing music in a parkPark Song, watercolor

Watercolor painter Travis Poelle uses his medium to depict sunny scenes of urban life. Currently based in New York City, Travis primarily paints scenes of the people and environment around him.


A watercolor painting of people shopping at an outdoor marketSpring Market, watercolor


As in our previous feature of Travis’ work, I’m really impressed by the stunning photorealistic watercolors that the artist produces. Watercolor as a medium tends to lend itself to looser,…

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Graphic Planes of Color: Art by Stephen Middleton

A self-portrait by Stephen MiddletonSelf Portrait 1999, acrylic on canvas

Stephen Middleton’s artworks are influenced by the artist’s eye for the human figure, plus a background in modeling. His works begin with Stephen photographing his subject, then painting it in graphic planes of color.


A painting of buildings on a Vancouver street cornerKeefer Street, acrylic on canvas

Stephen’s acrylic paintings often look like heavily manipulated photographs, themselves. Looking through the artist’s portfolio it’s even…

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Contemporary Color: Artwork by Jeffrey Fine

An abstract oil painting of a cityCity Limits, oil paint

Jeffrey Fine’s artworks are a fascinating blend of contemporary color and abstract expressionist composition. With a portfolio of works spanning decades, Jeffrey has developed a unique way of depicting a range of subject matter.


An abstracted painting of a lakeLake of Coheeries in May, oil paint

I find Jeffrey’s style great for drawing a viewer’s eye all around the canvas. His works tend to be evenly covered in undulating lines and…

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An Exercise in Perspective: Art by Jon Harris

A painting of three-dimensional abstract structuresBending Space #2, acrylic on canvas

Painter Jon Harris’s works are an exercise in perspective, both in the physical sense and the psychological sense. Utilizing a mathematical sense of geometry combined with dreamlike colors and forms, Jon builds beautiful, imaginary spaces.


An abstract painting of a blue three-dimensional structureSpaciousness, acrylic on canvas

While Jon’s works appear totally abstract in some cases, more often than not they seem like architectural paintings of

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Social Constructions: Art by Pierre-Luc D├ęziel

An abstract 3D construction on canvasIce cream is on me, mixed media

Pierre-Luc Déziel creates three-dimensional mixed media works that address social constructions. Pierre-Luc builds his works by attaching various materials directly to the canvas before painting.


A mixed media construction on canvas

L'Amoreuse, mixed media


I enjoy the way that the artist plays with texture in his works – each individual canvas holds a wealth of different shapes, styles and tactile moments. In most of his recent…

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Earthy Colors and Abstract Shapes: Art by Tim Van Ginkel

An abstract print with earthy colorsIWF-2, serial monoprint, lithography

Tim Van Ginkel is an American artist who specializes in printmaking techniques. The artist’s heavily layered prints have an almost antiqued appearance, with earthy colors and abstract shapes.


A print with layers of earthy browns and bluesIWF-5, serial monoprint, lithography

Tim’s collection of 2016 works features works that seem more unified. These prints, which heavily utilize neutral colors in orange, brown and green tones, act as…

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Esoteric Guidance: Art and Writing by Allison Rennie

The front page of a handmade book by Allison RennieNuthatch Handmade Book Cover, canvas with Japanese stab stitch binding


Poet and artist Allison Rennie creates work in a range of media including text, visual art, and esoteric guidance. Allison’s writing, bookmaking and photography fit into her spiritual practice as tangible entryways into more meditative thinking.


A poem by Allison RennieElegy for Nuthatch, original poem

I enjoy the way that Allison presents her poetry on her portfolio website. Each…

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Text and Found Objects by Morgan Wedderspoon

A close-up image of a printed artist's bookSurface Reader 3 (detail), woodcut, digital print

Morgan Wedderspoon recently completed an MFA from the University of Alberta. Her mixed media works incorporate printmaking and bookmaking techniques, sometimes combining text and found objects.


An installation view of an artwork consisting of silhouetted images on paperCoincidence (detail), unbound book: photo-intaglio, letterpress


In her thesis project From the Surface, Morgan arranged a number of found objects on a table in a sort of bizarre…

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Noir Charcoal Drawings by Leah Biggs

A charcoal drawing of female legs in stockingsAnticipation, charcoal on paper

Artist Leah Biggs creates noir charcoal drawings that evoke a sense of darkness and isolation. Made exclusively in black and white, Leah’s drawings are like stills from old movies.


A drawing of an old-fashioned telephoneWake up call, charcoal on paper

I really enjoy the deep, moody atmosphere that the artist brings out in each of her works. Many of the charcoal drawings feature female figures, but the faces are never shown – in fact,…

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Repeating Forms and Texture: Art by Jacqueline Bell Johnson

A photo of an installation work featuring many small bamboo polesWe All Look The Same Underneath, (detail), lampworked Plexiglass, bamboo, monofilament, paint

Jacqueline Bell Johnson is an installation and mixed-media artist whose work is particularly inspired by repeating forms and texture. The artist often uses a variety of found materials and objects in her works.


An insect-like sculpture made from steelRibs, forged and welded steel


Referencing forms found in nature, Jacqueline builds up sculptural forms using many duplicates of…

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