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Subdued Yet Textured Artworks by Nella Lush

A cold wax and oil painting of sailboats on a calm seaThe Flats, oil and cold wax

Nella Lush is an artist who works with cold wax media and fresco techniques, creating subdued yet textured artworks. Recently, Nella has focused her artistic efforts on seascapes and maritime scenes, utilizing the aforementioned media to great effect.


An oil and wax painting of a desolate seascapeEarly Morning at Cortile Gallery, P-town, oil and cold wax on linen


I really like the way Nella’s use of cold wax lends itself to her subject matter. The…

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Found in Nature: Installation Art by Troy Nickel

A wall installation made from birch woodHalf Circles, weeping birch

Lethbridge, Alberta-based artist Troy Nickle uses materials found in nature to craft his artworks. Troy works in three dimensions, often incorporating the surrounding space – whether it’s a gallery or an outdoor area – into his installations and sculptures.


A temporary installation carved into a lawn by Troy NickelAll Of Us, temporary installation at Governor's State University, Illinois

I like seeing the different natural artefacts that Troy opts to gather…

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Abstraction and Life-Painting by Leif Timber

An abstract painting incorporating block letter formsLexicon #4 mixed media on canvas

Lifelong artist Leif Timber has an affinity for abstraction and life-painting, with female nudes making up a large portion of his portfolio. Leif’s abstractions, often created with acrylic on canvas or paper, are imbued with a deep sense of often difficult emotion, and are captivating in their compositions.


An abstract painting with type stencilsType Face, oil on canvas


I’m always surprised by how emotionally charged Leif’s…

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Eerie Portraits of Youthful Subjects by Adele Knowler

A mixed media portrait in profile viewFlight, oil, gold leaf, and acrylic paint on wood panel

Adele Knowler is an artist based in Alberta who uses oil painting and mixed media techniques to create eerie portraits of youthful subjects. Adele’s figures, in recent works, are depicted in partial abstraction, with the finished images giving the viewer an impression of a face rather than every detail.


An oil painting of an obscured portraitBenjamin Clementine 1, oil and gold leaf on wood panel

I’m interested in…

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Commercial-Style Photographs by Doug Berry

A photo of a model seated on a couchChristine

Doug Berry is a photographer who currently works in a professional practice shooting with models for fashion and commercial-style photographs. A lifelong photographer, Doug also devotes a portion of his portfolio to more abstract, creative photographic pursuits.


A photo of a model sitting next a windowZuri


I like the straightforward way that Doug likes to photograph his models. In the majority of his images, the model is facing the camera, looking directly at…

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Paintings of Wide Open Spaces by Crystal DiPietro

A painting of a desert rock formation in shadow, oil on canvas

Crystal DiPietro is a painter who grew up exposed to the wilderness of Pennsylvania, later moving to Nevada after discovering her love for desert landscapes. This love shines through in many of the artist’s paintings of wide open spaces and rocky landscapes.


A painting of redwood trees from an upward angleMighty Giants, oil on canvas


I like the way Crystal utilizes contour lines in her paintings. It lends a great sense of texture to landscapes that might…

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Colorful Works of Functional Art: Ceramics by Jack Caselles


A selection of gold and blue glazed ceramic cups

Gold blue cups


Jack Caselles, a.k.a. Cactus Jack, is a ceramic artist. After working for NASA in aerospace and aeronautics, Jack turned to the field of education, and has been teaching numerous subjects including ceramics for over 3 decades. In his own practice, Jack creates colorful works of functional art.


A unique vase made with a ceramic crackling effectCrackle FC Globe


Jack’s ceramic works are often quite bright and colorful. The artist uses many different glazing…

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Jocelyn's Fine Art Gallery: Art and Curation by Jocelyn Duchek

An alcohol ink paper primarily in green tonesA Life That's Good, alcohol ink on Yupo paper (Jocelyn Duchek)

Jocelyn Duchek is the owner of Jocelyn’s Fine Art Gallery in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan. The gallery is home to several resident artists including Ducek herself, who has recently been working with the media of alcohol ink and acrylic paint.


A painting of trees and stumps in a woodRoom to Breathe, acrylic on canvas (Branta Studios)


I really like seeing the contrast in Duchek’s artworks between her acrylic…

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Artistic Control and Intuition: Art by Susan Sharp

An abstract painting made with a blend of oil and acrylic paintsUntitled #2, acrylic and oil on MDF panel

Susan Sharp is an artist based in Connecticut. Working with paints and mixed media on panels, Susan creates works that combine the natural behavior of paint with artistic control and intuition.


A painting on paper by Susan Sharp, gouache and graphite on yupo


Susan works in an intuitive fashion with fluid paints which allow the pigments, once applied to the substrate, to flow in whatever natural path gravity takes them. She…

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Documentary-Style Photographs by A.M. Williams

A photograph of a forested trailTrail of Solitude

Our featured artist today is photographer A.M. Williams. Williams specializes in fully saturated, documentary-style photographs that showcase natural lighting and provide equal attention to every object in the photographic plane.


A photograph of yellow daisiesYellow Daisies


I like the journalistic feeling that many of Williams’ images offer. The artist seems to steer clear of photo-manipulation, and the resulting works represent their…

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Paintings in Three Dimensions by Vincent McLoughlin

A painted sculpture of a flat tree by Vincent McLoughlinflowers from Henri #24, acrylic on primed Luan 

Vincent McLoughlin is a Pennsylvania artist whose portfolio makes reference to art history while creating artworks and paintings in three dimensions.  Vincent’s recent works are focused on bright colors and semi-repeating patterns.


An abstract painting by Vincent McLoughlinrbyonbonw, acrylic on custom-built primed Luan panel


I enjoy the way Vincent is able to switch between levels of abstraction in his portfolio, while…

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Sweeping, Soft Artworks: Painting by Anne Farrall Doyle

An abstract mixed media artwork with smooth color blendingBluebell Sway, mixed media

Pembrokeshire, Wales-based artist Anne Farrall Doyle works in mixed media, creating sweeping, soft artworks that offer enough abstraction to lend different meaning upon each view. Anne’s practice is an experimental and thoughtful one, as the artist tends to work through each piece intuitively.


A mixed media abstract artwork by Anna Farrall DoyleNew Year, mixed media


I really love the way Anne employs incredibly smooth blending techniques in her works.…

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Play and Scientific Exploration: Art by B.A. Martel

A painting of a skeleton in a floral fieldThe cycle of Life and Death, acrylic on canvas

B.A. Martel is an artist located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Using a range of traditional media, the artist creates works that evoke a sense of play and scientific exploration, drawing from nature, domesticity, and human constructions.


An abstract painting with bright yellow and blue tonesRhapsody in Yellow Number One, acrylic on canvas

Martel’s painted works are often created in a very loose, almost naïve style. The artist seems…

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Plein Air Painting by June Long-Schuman

A painting of a coastal bluffKings Park Bluff 2, oil on canvas

June Long-Schuman is an artist based in Long Island, New York. After receiving her master’s degree in fine art, June developed her art practice drawing inspiration from plein air painting techniques as well as new age medicine.


An oil painting of a park with autumnal treesCaleb Smith Park, oil on board

In her oil painting practice, June tends toward scenes of the local landscape, painting coastal images of boats, lighthouses and beaches. In…

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Painting as Spiritual Practice: Art by Carolyn Bonier

A painting by Carolyn Bonier of an abstracted dogUntitled

Carolyn Bonier is a Massachusetts artist who often explores the idea of painting as spiritual meditation. Working with a range of subject matter as well as pure abstraction, Carolyn brings a sense of joy to each of her paintings.


A painting made with a large plane of orange and a large plane of blueMessage


I enjoy seeing the contrast in the levels of abstraction that Carolyn employs. In her semi-abstract and abstract works Carolyn paints in a hard-edged yet loose, bright style. Utilizing…

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