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"Obsessive Self-Representation": Art by Liza Mongomery

A painting of three figures in a strange processionProcession, oil and mixed media on wood panel

Liza Montgomery is a painter and mixed media artist whose work explores the identities that we construct for ourselves. The artist’s recent works are primarily concerned with female identities and expressions of, as Liza calls it, “obsessive self-representation.”


A study of a person's hand adorned with various baublesMy Left Hand, Adorned: Accumulation Study #1, ink, gesso and found paper on wood panel


Some of Liza’s most recent…

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Beauty in Everyday Life: Glasswork by Catherine Hart

A stained glass work with a curl of blue and beadsAstral Shore

Inspired by nature and the beauty in everyday life, Catherine Hart creates one-of-a-kind stained glass panels. Catherine’s style often features floral motifs against backdrops of geometric abstraction and patterns.


A stained glass panel imitating wind or waterWindswept

The medium of stained glass lends itself well to geometric patterns, and I rather enjoy the way that Catherine utilizes this strength. Many of her works – particularly in her Geometric gallery –…

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Moments of Ballet: Photography by Luis Pons

A photograph of ballerinas Alexandra Jacobs and Mikaela KellyBallerina Alexandra Jacobs & Mikaela Kelly

New York-based photographer Luis Pons uses his camera to capture moments of ballet in urban and natural environments. Luis’ photographs showcase the relationship between body and environment.


A photograph of a ballerina dancing on a bridge at sunsetBallerina Tessa Danielle


I love the way Luis places his models in novel spaces that often subtly pair with the costume or movements of the dancers. While the focus of each photograph is generally…

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Moody Portraits of Urban Streets: Art by Shawn Demarest

A painting of a snowy street bathed in pink lightSnow Day Pink, oil on panel

Portland, Oregon-based artist Shawn Demarest enjoys capturing spaces in her artwork, focusing on moody portraits of urban streets.


A painting of a city intersection with an overly of abstract linesSE Division & 82nd/Tangle, oil on panel


The slightly blocky, stylish realism that Shawn paints in is really attractive. I enjoy the way that the artist tends to distill her works down into a basic, unified color scheme – often deep electric blue for nighttime scenes and a…

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Vibrant Maritime Landscapes: Art by Michael McEwing

A painting of a shore with tall grassesTantramar Shoreline, oil on canvas

Michael McEwing is an artist living and working in Carleton County, New Brunswick. Michael’s artwork includes painting and printmaking, though his portfolio is especially strong in vibrant maritime landscapes.


A painting of a running stream in autumnPokiok Stream in Fall, oil on canvas


Michael’s landscape paintings tend to emphasize the total isolation of a given setting. Unpopulated grasslands and rocky beaches factor frequently in…

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Wide, Emotional Gestures: Painting by Noah NJ Bowman

An abstract diptych paintingSeduction (diptych), acrylic on canvas

Painter Noah NJ Bowman focuses on wide, emotional gestures in his work, rather than tight figuration. The artist tends to focus on abstraction featuring hugely confident brush marks and saturated colors.

An abstract painting made in blue and white

That Je Ne Sais Quoi, acrylic on canvas


I enjoy the style of abstraction that Noah subscribes to. While it’s difficult to pick out any recognizable figures in the works, there are definite…

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Lighting and Texture: Pastel Art by Marilyn Riopel

A pastel drawing using a large amount of blueOrganics, pastel

Marilyn Riopel was born into an artistic family in New York, later moving to British Columbia where she taught art and music. Marilyn’s current practice utilizes pastel and showcases a versatile style that focuses on lighting and texture.


A pastel drawing of a row of pink-hued treesShake Your Booty, Pastel

I’m always impressed to see such complex and visually interesting works created with such a tricky medium. Though Marilyn’s style is changeable, the…

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Moody, Dreamy Mixed Media: Art by Amy D. Graham

An abstracted painting of a landscapeUntitled

Amy D. Graham has a background in visual art and modern dance. Amy currently teaches visual art while maintaining her own practice, which centers on moody, dreamy mixed media abstractions.


A bright pink painting of cupsUntitled


Looking through Amy’s portfolio website, I’m rather taken with the artist’s landscape paintings. Though these works are more simplistic in terms of media than the rest of the artist’s practice, they do a great job of…

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Studio Sunday: Markus Lupertz

A photo of artist Markus Lupertz in his studio


Markus Lupertz is a German contemporary artist known for painting and sculpture as well as other pursuits including writing and jazz piano. Lupertz is often lumped in with the German neo-expressionist art movement, which defined itself in relation to abstract expressionism, leaning more toward figuration.


Lupertz’s studio as pictured above looks dark and cozy, if a little cramped. The wall that faces the artist is absolutely…

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Inventions and Physics: Art by Adrian Molina

An abstract artwork with primary colorsCoS paper 6b

Adrian Molina is an artist based in Miami, Florida. Adrian’s artwork takes many forms and has many influences, though it looks particularly toward mechanical inventions and physics.


A black and white abstract drawn focused on movementCoS paper 10


In our last feature of Adrian’s work, we looked at the artist’s methods of combining different practices and artistic sensibilities to create sculptural paintings, and painterly sculptures. Adrian’s most recent series…

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Nature and Humanity: Art by Monique Blom

An artwork with a personified image of sugarBliss Point Girls (Sugar)

Saskatchewan artist Monique Blom creates artworks that express the tension between nature and humanity, and the influence one has on the other. The artist’s works often have a collaged aesthetic.


An artwork with images and text commenting on agricultureMonsanto's Dirty Dozen (Agent Orange)

I really enjoy Monique’s recent works, many of which incorporate cut-out figures from vintage advertising and magazines. A number of these images comment on the agricultural…

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Storyboard Artist and Illustrator Alan Wade

A children's book illustration by Alan WadeInside illustrations for Cleopatra's Carpet (Collins London)

Our featured artist today is Alan Wade! Alan is a storyboard artist and illustrator originally from South Africa and currently based in Walnut Creek, California.


A shooting board for a Merck campaignMerck - Shingles campaign for PKT New York


As an illustrator of storyboards, shooting boards and book projects, Alan has a versatile style that varies between gestural to highly detailed and stylized depending on…

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Unifying Opposing Viewpoints: Art by Prav Pillay

An installation view of an outdoor stone sculpture and gardenTransformation in Earth and Stone, collaborative community based ceremonial public art work, collaboration with Xwalacktun - Squamish Nation


Conceptual and multi-media artist Prav Pillay uses his practice as a way of unifying opposing viewpoints, and rectifying the tension between environmentalism, history and technological advancement. Prav’s works take many forms and incorporate a range of media including installation, public…

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Documentary and Fine Art Images by Ivan Petrov

A photograph of a deer on a mountain trail#YVR3 - Lone Survivor

Ivan Petrov is a photographer creating documentary and fine art images of events, places and people. The artist’s portfolio of fine art photography spans numerous locations throughout North America.


A photo of a curved architectural feature#YOW65 - The Future of Social Sciences

I find that Ivan is particularly good at capturing the true colors and temperatures of the places he photographs. Whether Ivan’s looking at architectural elements in an urban…

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