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Exuberant and Opinionated: Painting by Kev Harris

A painting of a woman dancing in a red dressWoven Brilliance, oil on Belgian linen

Kev Harris is a traditional painter based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kev grew up between Washington and Harlem, and is a U.S. Army veteran – his multitude of differing experiences have led to his exuberant and opinionated style of painting and selection of subject matter.

A warm painting of a woman in profileMelanated Textures, oil on canvas

Kev’s portfolio includes paintings in portraiture and landscape styles. I’ve really…

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Melted Candy: Gel Medium Sculptures by Emma Brooks

A sculpture made from poured and dried gel medium01_01

Sculptor Emma Brooks creates layered, colorful works that take on the appearance of melted candy. Flat, rounded sheets of poured gel medium create layers that reference the look of flower petals, book pages, coral formations, and numerous other natural and man-made objects.

A sculpture made from layers of black gel medium03_02


There’s something incredibly satisfying about Emma’s sculptures, and the way they seem to fuse to whatever surface they are created on. The…

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Lush Forms and Lighting: Art by Jayne Crawford

A painting of shrubbery along a beachRed Beach, Whitney, acrylic on board

Jayne Crawford has a background in painting decorative murals, later moving on to building her own practice. The artist creates detailed landscapes and spiritual paintings, emphasizing lush forms and lighting.

A painting of a river with treesThe Missouri at Fort Osage, oil on canvas

I really enjoy the way Jayne uses lighting in her landscape paintings. These paintings often focus on a relatively small patch of greenery, and the…

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Color-Reduction Woodcuts by Cathie Crawford

A colorful woodcut by Cathie CrawfordHealing Waters, color-reduction woodcut

Cathie Crawford is a printmaker specializing in color-reduction woodcuts. The artist is originally from New York, but has spent time living in Saudi Arabia, France, and Illinois. Cathie has won numerous awards for her prints, which are featured in collections and galleries all over the world.

A rainbow-colored woodcut print on Japanese paperSpectrum, color reduction woodcut on Kozo paper


Looking through Cathie’s portfolio I really enjoy the…

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Architectural Forms and Figures: Art by Melissa Kenyon McIntyre

A work of art depciting a treed path in the winterMondragon Road, acrylic and watercolor

Melissa Kenyon McIntyre works in a range of media, painting architectural forms and figures relating to religious ceremony and space. Based in New Mexico, the artist often takes the local landscape and climate as inspiration, with many of her works utilizing warm tones and heavy-contrast shadows.

An oil painting of an abaondoned barn in the snowEmpty Barn, acrylic

I love Melissa’s depictions of missions and other buildings – these stone…

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Villages and Architecture: Art by Angelo Mariano

A painting of an Italian skylineFirenze dai Giardini di Boboli, oil on panel

Angelo Mariano is a New York-based artist whose work explores the tension and symbiosis between abstraction and figurative painting. Mariano is originally from Italy, and many of his works focus on the color and aesthetics of villages and architecture in the Italian countryside and urban centers.

A painting of a small building on the Italian countrysideTrullo di Campagna II, oil on panel

Angelo’s paintings never seem overworked – each piece…

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Intense Abstract Compositions by Mohab Elghaffar

An abstract painting with deep red and brown tones on a light backgroundUntitled

Mohab Elghaffar is an artist from Alexandria, Egypt, who uses intense abstract compositions to formulate connections between contemporary art practices and the symbolic imagery associated with ancient Egyptian civilization.

A heavy red abstractionThe moment of creation (1), mixed media on board

Mohab’s recent works in mixed media have a solid impact on the viewer. These compositions seem to embrace contrast, even conflict, in their use of…

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Obsessive Geometric Backgrounds: Art by Donna Howard

A painting of some cartoon chickens on a blue backgroundBowled Over, acrylic on canvas


Donna Howard paints in acrylic, creating bright and colorful images of whimsical cartoon animals that often hide a slightly darker, deeper, and more emotional core. The sense of tension in Donna’s works is reinforced by her intricate, almost obsessive geometric backgrounds.

A painting of two pink elephants holding martinisMartinis for Two, acrylic on canvas


I like the contrast between Donna’s geometric abstract backgrounds and her highly…

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Scenes of Canadian Life: Art by Richard Brodeur

A painting of children playing ice hockeyUntitled

Richard Brodeur is a North Vancouver-based painter who paints colorful, dynamic scenes of Canadian life and landscapes. A retired NHL hockey player, the artist frequently draws inspiration from the sport and his memories of playing.

A painting of kids playing hockey in QuebecSunny afternoon in Quebec, acrylic on canvas


Creamy, movement-filled gestural paintings pack a great amount of figures and objects into the picture plane. I really enjoy the bright colors that…

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High-Contrast Coffee Portraits by Betsi Shelffo

A portrait of Mr. Spock from Star Trek made with coffee beansBean me up, Scotty

Betsi Shelffo is an artist who creates high-contrast coffee portraits by attaching layers of roasted coffee beans to a substrate. Her works often come in the form of portraits, depicting celebrities, movie characters, and other pop-culture figures.

A portrait of Buddy Holly made with coffee beansPeggy Su-matra

As a coffee lover myself I am rather drawn to Betsi’s images – her process originally grew out of her explorations with collage and decoupage techniques,…

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Space for Divine Intervention: Art by Cindy Snapp

An abstract acrylic painting with blue and pink tonesLight Vibration, acrylic

Today’s featured artist is Kentucky-based painter Cindy Snapp. Cindy creates paintings that are highly intuitive and deliberately abstract, while leaving space for divine intervention.

Ab abstract painting with light green and pink tonesEye of God, acrylic


I enjoy the overall cohesiveness of Cindy’s portfolio. The artist uses a similar color scheme in the majority of her paintings, a palette of greenish blues highlighted with warm pink tones that seem to…

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Mosaic Art by Suzanne Coverett Earls

A mosaic work depicting a shadowed faceSelf-Portrait in SIlence

Suzanne Coverett Earls is an artist based in Scotland, Ontario, who creates works of mosaic art at her studio, Pieceful Arts. The artist’s works are influenced by her travels, and often include techniques and aesthetics from Asian and African art practices.

A mosaic artwork of a black birdPiecefulSolitude

Suzanne’s mosaic art pieces are interesting in the ways they depart from the norms of traditional mosaic work. I really like the way the…

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Horses and Hounds: Art by Jamie Holland

A pencil crayon drawing of a horse and an equestriansnuggle

Featured artist Jamie Holland depicts horses and hounds in smooth detail as well as psychedelic patterns. Jamie works in colored pencil, creating realistic images that stand up to close scrutiny, and have a wonderfully soft texture.

A drawing of a dog taking a napNap

I find Jamie’s drawings really impressive, especially in the way the artist utilizes near photorealism while maintaining a distinct and recognizable style. In her Traditional Style gallery, a…

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Paintings and Portraiture by John Langeveld

A painting of a group of teepees in early morninguntitled

John Langeveld specializes in paintings and portraiture. John’s works often depict pets and contemporary human subjects, though he also has an affinity for historical scenes and portraits of First Nations people in traditional dress.

A painting of a First Nations man in traditional dressUntitled


I like reading John’s own descriptions of his portrait process – the artist especially emphasizes the importance of the subject’s comfort. It’s easy to see in many of the…

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Costuming and Collage: Art by Julie McIntyre

A photo of a textile artwork by Julie McIntyreChildren's Purse, laser prints, assorted papers, millboard, ribbon, grommets, glue

Julie McIntyre is a textile artist and resident artist with the Vancouver School Board. Julie uses her chosen medium in interesting and innovative waves, combining costuming and collage to make art objects that are part sculpture, part tapestry, part photo album.

An artwork made from a combination of textile and laser printer photographsShopkeeper's Pages, laser prints on linen, assorted papers, thread, and 2 snaps on wallet



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