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Sculptural Mosaics: Art by Karen Spears

A concrete sculpture with glass mosaic coatingStones in the Stream II, concrete with paint, iridescent glass, and stained glass

Karen Spears is an Iowa artist who creates sculptural mosaics using raw concrete and scraps of colored glass, as well as traditional landscape paintings. Painting was Karen’s first artistic medium, and she draws on related techniques and aesthetics in her sculptural works.

A tower made from concrete and covered in iridescent glassUntitled, concrete sculptures with abstract acrylic paint and iridescent glass…


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Mythologically Figurative: Glasswork by Dan Cummings

A sand-carved glass sculptureSence UL 7, sand carved glass

Dan Cummings is a glass artist and sculptor based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dan’s works are often mythologically figurative, and utilize a range of glasswork techniques to achieve their aesthetics.

A carved and painted sheet of glassOriental Rose, carved and painted glass table top

I love the distinct sense of flowing movement that Dan brings into each of his works – looking through his carved and etched glass gallery, my eyes are drawn…

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Mosaic Art by Suzanne Coverett Earls

A mosaic work depicting a shadowed faceSelf-Portrait in SIlence

Suzanne Coverett Earls is an artist based in Scotland, Ontario, who creates works of mosaic art at her studio, Pieceful Arts. The artist’s works are influenced by her travels, and often include techniques and aesthetics from Asian and African art practices.

A mosaic artwork of a black birdPiecefulSolitude

Suzanne’s mosaic art pieces are interesting in the ways they depart from the norms of traditional mosaic work. I really like the way the…

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Contemporary-Classic Stained Glass: Jewelweed Studios

A stained glass panel with rainbow pigmentsK and M Townsend, New Jersey

Gary Medley and Allan Joyce are glass artists who creates work under their company name, Jewelweed Studio. The duo's works of stained glass function in a range of applications. In their window works, subjecta ranging from abstract compositions to religious symbolism create a contemporary-classic stained glass aesthetic for an overall portfolio.

A custom stained glass panel with a geometric patternCompass


Allan doesn’t shy away from color in his works.…

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Art Shattered: Glass Art by Cindy Manly

An image of a gallery-wrapped canvas art pieceThe Beach, glass coat gallery-wrapped canvas


Cindy Manly describes her artwork as “Art Shattered,” a phrase that describes the artist’s practice as continually branching out, packed with experimentation with different styles and media. It also seems to reflect the nature of Cindy’s most recent works that frequently utilize glass both stained and shattered.


A crushed glass artwork of a silhouetted whaleWhale, crushed glass coat on gallery-wrapped canvas


I enjoy the…

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Beauty in Everyday Life: Glasswork by Catherine Hart

A stained glass work with a curl of blue and beadsAstral Shore

Inspired by nature and the beauty in everyday life, Catherine Hart creates one-of-a-kind stained glass panels. Catherine’s style often features floral motifs against backdrops of geometric abstraction and patterns.


A stained glass panel imitating wind or waterWindswept

The medium of stained glass lends itself well to geometric patterns, and I rather enjoy the way that Catherine utilizes this strength. Many of her works – particularly in her Geometric gallery –…

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Stained Glass Pet Portraits by Kevyn Cundiff

A stained glass panel depicting a cat landing on its feetFreefall

Kevyn Cundiff is a stained glass artist currently based in Vermont. Kevyn uses her glass expertise to create beautiful and unique stained glass pet portraits on a commissioned basis.


A stained glass work with glass panels jutting out of the surfaceMegalithamania

While the artist’s commissioned work is centered on pet portraits, Kevyn’s portfolio is packed with other works in which all manner of representational and abstract subjects are rendered in colourful sheets of glass. I like the…

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Kilnformed Glass Art by Claudia Whitten

A kilnformed glass bowl with a minimal pattern on the outsideSpring, kiln formed deep bowl vessel

Featured artist Claudia Whitten creates kilnformed glass art in her studio in Challis, Idaho. Incorporating a variety of painting and coloring techniques into her works, Claudia makes ornamental vessels that combine painting, sculpture and glass art.

A glassware plate with a stylized forest painted on itAspen Forest Plate

I really like Claudia’s recent Aspens series, in which she renders spindly trees in a flattened, almost cartoon-like manner onto…

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Eye-Catching Art Glass by Laura Dawson

A  hand-etched piece of art glass depicting a tree of lifeMajestic Tree of Life, hand etching on dichroic glass

Featured artist Laura Dawson creates beautiful pieces of jewelry and eye-catching art glass. Using various glass-making techniques, Laura’s works are lovely on the wall or as the finishing touch on a nice outfit.


A bracelet featuring a hand-etched glass pendant with a tree motifTree Bracelet, hand etched dichroic glass on jump ring chain

Many of Laura’s works use a combination of stained glass, sculpted glass and mosaic techniques, creating a…

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Stained Glass to be Admired: Catherine Hart

A stained glass window with flowers made of chandelier crystalsVictorian Garden, water glass and reclaimed chandelier crystals

Today’s featured artist is Catherine Hart! Catherine is a skilled artisan who produces wonderful stained glass to be admired and used. On her art website, Catherine has a portfolio filled with works of glass art in different categories.


A stained glass panel with squares of black and textured clear glassWinter Moon

Catherine makes geometric glass panels, as well as abstract designs and mirrors with stained glass accents. Some of her…

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Innovative Layered Glasswork by Don Golden

A handmade glass dish with clear glass and confetti embeddedStrings of Confetti, confetti, clear-fused glass with a strip of clear, slumped and cold-worked

Located in Scott Valley, California, Don Golden is an artist who works in glass, occasionally combining it with other materials such as leaves and photography to create innovative layered glasswork.


Don’s glassworks are really interesting. I especially like the ones where he uses a layered technique and embeds other materials within the…

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Mike Gong's Surreal Marbles

Marble with a face design inside


Psychadelic little faces stare out from the glass spheres created by Mike Gong. How have I been ignorant to the fact that people make beautiful artwork inside marbles? These little guys are positively luminous and look as though they are about to let out a psychotic little giggle at any moment. I loved marbles as a kid, considered them a treasured object - not just a great schoolyard game. I would have been very unhappy to loose my…

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Kiln-Fired Glass by Laura Dawson

A glass jewelry pendant with a watercolour-like tree designTree 8B

Laura Dawson is an artist who works in glass to create beautiful pieces of art. Laura’s works often come in the form of jewelry, but she also produces a wide array of objects including small dishes, incense burners, and coasters – as well as glass that functions purely as art.


A collection of glass works on Laura Dawson's art websiteLaura Dawson's online gallery of glass

A glass bowl with a mosaic pattern on the insideMosaic Burst

Laura has perfected a technique of kiln-firing and etching that produces the unique designs on…

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Slices of Art: California-Based Artist Loren Stump

glass sculpture cut in half with a picture inside


California-based artist Loren Stump offers up slices of glass that reveal the gorgeous works of art on the inside. I like how the image is stretches at the edges creating an abstract colour combo in comparison to the incredibly detailed figurative work revealed by the "slice". When viewed from the side the work almost takes on an expressionist landscape - I love when art transforms this way due to the materials used. The technique of…

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