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Flora and Fauna: Jewelry and Art by Tina Tavolacci

A necklace made from enamel pieces suspended on a copper chainUntitled, enamel jewelry

Tina Tavolacci is a mixed-media artist currently living and working Coloma, Michigan. Using coloured pencil, acrylic paint, copper and found objects, she creates jewelry and paintings that express a love of flora and fauna.


A painting of a bird with metal accentsUntitled

Tina’s paintings take on an aesthetic that reminds me of old nature catalogs and textbooks that might be treasured finds from a grandparent’s attic. She often works in…

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Nature and Design: Jewelry by Britta Boekmann

A jewelry pendant from handmade resin and Australian woodHandmade chunky pendant, Australian gall and green resin

Britta Boekmann is an industrial and jewelry designer from Australia. Her most recent designs combine smooth pieces of coloured resin with found wood, creating pendants that showcase the intersection of nature and design.


I love Boekmann’s pendant designs – the artist does a wonderful job of preserving the slight imperfections and knots in the wood, while refining it down…

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Insect Motifs: the Art of Tina Tavolacci

A painting of a bee over scraps of old paperUntitled

Tina Tavolacci is a Michigan artist who specializes in painting and jewelry, incorporating insect motifs, as well as animals and plants into much of her work.


The recurring images of different items from nature – insects, sea creatures, leaves and branches of trees – are interesting when placed on jewelry. Something that is often refined to be as smooth and shiny as possible is, in the case of Tina’s work, left a bit…

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