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Headlines: Emoji, Forgery and Studios

1) MoMA Acquires Original Set of Emoji

A screen capture of the original set of emoji


The Museum of Modern Art has officially acquired the original set of emojis for its permanent collection. The set dates back all the way to 1999, when it was released by the Japanese company NTT DOCOMO, for use with the cell phones of the day. Senior curator of the Department of Architecture and Design Paola Antonelli noted that collecting design has always been part of MoMA’s mandate, and the…

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Literary Performance by Marie-Hélène Tessier

A photograph of a bag of gold dust used in an art performanceGOLD DUST (detail), site-specific performance at the Rennie Collection at Wing Sang, Vancouver

Marie-Hélène Tessier is a Canadian artist who works collaboratively in the field of literary performance. Marie-Hélène’s works combine a wide range of media and disciplines, to create shared experiences that question relationships and collective existence.


A photograph of a tent city built on Vancouver's Second BeachE q u i l u x, installation on Second Beach, Vancouver

The artist’s online…

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Headlines: Surveillance, Beyoncé and Golf

1) Dutch Duo Design Anti-Surveillance Jackets

A photo of an anti-surveillance jacket designed by KOVRKOVR, Marcha Schagen and Leon Baauw

Dutch design duo KOVR, which comprises Marcha Schagen and Leon Baauw, have designed a line of bags and jackets that keep the wearer and their data safe from the prying eyes of public surveillance technology. Schagen and Baauw have backgrounds in fashion design and research-based design, respectively, two practices that come together beautifully in the set…

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Performance, Dance and Writing by Susan McKenzie

A still from Susan McKenzie's Tornado performanceTornado (performance still)

Susan McKenzie is a dancer and choreographer who currently resides in North Vancouver, BC. Both independently and as artistic director of Jumpstart Performance Society, Susan has created numerous works of performance, dance and writing that express an elegant and thoughtful way of viewing the world.


Dansa Serpentina, Loie Fuller, 1900


Susan’s portfolio website includes a selection of her private…

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The Body in Nature: Performance Art by Tanya Lukin Linklater

A photo of two dancers performing a work in a gallery spaceIn process video, collaboration with Daina Ashbee, Ceinwen Gobert and Emily Law

Let’s take a look into the art practice of Tanya Lukin Linklater! Tanya is a dancer, choreographer and interdisciplinary artist who currently lives and works in North Bay, Ontario. Tanya’s works focus on indigenous languages and heritage as well as women in film and the body in nature.


A still from a performance of Slow ScrapeSlow  Scrape - performance, collaboration with Ziyian Kwan, for

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Headlines: Jewelry, Art Theft and Classic Paintings

1) Tracey Emin Launches High-End Jewelry Line


A photo of a new gold necklace from Tracey Emin and Stephen Webster 

Young British Artist Tracey Emin has officially launched her first jewelry collection, with a number of pieces directly that seem to directly translate the artist’s works into a wearable medium.  The 50-piece collection, titled I Promise To Love You is a collaboration between Emin and designer Stephen Webster. The full collection, many pieces of which are modeled from Emin’s…

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Headlines: Climate Change, AIDS and Art

1) Artists Offer Their Two Cents at Climate Change Conference

A chunk of ice being loaded into a shipping crate for Olafur Eliasson's Ice Watch



As the UN climate change conference in Paris, France gets under way, artists are offering their own thoughts on the issue. Olafur Eliasson and Sheperd Fairey both have public installations addressing climate issues. The artist’s collective Brandalism has created a series of mock advertisements installed on bus shelters. The activist group Avaaz has reacted the…

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Headlines: Performance, Painting and Payments

1) Marina Abramovich Sued by Former Collaborator

A photo of performance artist Ulay
Performance artist
Ulay is suing his former partner and longtime collaborator Marina Abramovich. Ulay, (real name Frank Uwe Laysiepen) worked with Abramovich from 1976 through 1988 and together created some of the duo’s most well-known works. He claims that Abramovich has withheld payments that she owed to him for the past 16 years, and is additionally accusing the well-known performance…

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Studio Sunday: Bruce Nauman

Bruce Nauman standing in his very messy studio space


Happy Sunday! Today, let’s take a peek inside the studio of Bruce Nauman. Nauman’s artworks span a range of mediums and styles such as sculpture, photography, drawing and performance, and he has had a long career with plenty of time to explore all of these thoroughly.


In the 60’s, after he finished his education, Nauman was faced with the question that burdens every recent art school graduate: that is, what to do with…

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Patterns and Deconstructions: Art by Jason Fielding

An oil painting of a buffalo in front of a strange geometric landscapeHome on the Range, oil on canvas

Our featured artist for today, Jason Fielding, holds a BFA in Media Arts from Vancouver’s Emily Carr University. His paintings often feature patterns and deconstructions of familiar shapes and objects.


Jason’s primary mediums are paint and performance. He has produced work at SNAG, a weekly live painting event in Vancouver, where artists produce an original work in front of spectators. He has also…

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Text, Choreography and Performance by Tanya Lukin Linklater

PhotodocumentaA photo of a woman dancing while another woman plays cello in the backgroundGrain(s), documentation of live performance

Tanya Lukin Linklater is an artist who uses text, choreography and performance to address both personal and social concepts. Tanya often employs two or more of the aforementioned disciplines in a single piece, resulting in multilayered performances that are both aesthetically

pleasing and thought provoking.


A screen capture of Tanya Lukin Linklater's


A photo of a man looking at a banner draped over a rock jettySlow Scrape, site-specific installation


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Elegant Performance from French Performer Lindzee Poi


French performance artist Lindzee Poi creates an elegant and seemless effect in this video. Need a little inspiration - this just might do the trick! For me it reminds me that quiet dilligence can result in something truly exceptional. This performer makes the effect look so effortless but he has obviously put in the hours of practice and self-discipline to create this performance.


Video source [1]

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