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Documentary Style Nature Photographs by Dean Osgood

A photo of a yellow irisYellow Iris

Dean Osgood takes documentary style nature photographs with bright, natural lighting and colors. Dean’s style emphasizes a central figure or focal point viewed head-on through a frank, close-up lens.

A photograph of a grey catMy cat Tigger

I really enjoy Dean’s recent series Larger than Life. The photographs in the series are of animals, insects, and floral subjects, presented in a poster style with polished white framing. Looking at the series as…

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Headlines: Venus, Akari, Backfire

1) Facebook Removes Photo of Venus of Willendorf

The Venus of Willendorf


Facebook’s image censorship algorithm caused controversy again this week when a photograph of the ancient “Venus of Willendorf” statue was taken down after being deemed “pornographic.” The 30,000-year-old statue is currently housed in the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria. Though Facebook’s own descriptions of the algorithm have suggested that nude artworks are…

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Constructed Space: Art by Colby Brewer

A photo of a rooftop artworkwRonGsiDe, neon, steel, aluminum

Colby Brewer’s art practice is enigmatic and often ethereal, focusing more on experience and presence than on static objects. Through outdoor installations, video pieces, and site-specific walks, the artist explores the nature of constructed space.

A photo of a lighting installation that brackets a sign on a rooftopwRonGsiDe, neon, steel, aluminum


As we saw in our previous feature of Colby’s viewpoints in spaces, occasionally the artist constructs a work in which…

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Unfiltered Viewpoint: Photography by Emina Kurtagic

A photo of some small dogs on a lawn in the springapril grass

Emina Kurtagic takes accessible photographs with a distinct focus on the subject rather than the framing. Emina’s work has a very documentarian feel, and the artist portrays a wide variety of subjects from an unfiltered viewpoint.

A photograph of some rosehips in the autumnrosehips


In our previous feature we looked at Emina’s sensitive portrayals of seasons, memories, and moments. I find that many of Emina’s photos project a very distinct mood. Her style of…

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Unconventional Lives: Photography by Michael Matthew Woodlee

A photograph of a vascular catheterVascular Catheter

Michael Matthew Woodlee is a photographer who works to capture candid moments of subjects living unconventional lives. Michael’s photography is skillfully framed but always feels organic and intently present.

A photograph of wilderness inside Yosemite National ParkHalf Dome from above Tenaya Lake

In our previous feature of Michael’s artwork we looked at the way his images are presented as dramatic fragments of a fuller narrative. While each photo presents a great deal of…

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Headlines: Christo, Instagram, Photographs

1) Koons' Former Representatives Defend Bouquet

A rendering of Jeff Koons Bouquet of Tulips


Jeff Koons’ former gallery representatives in Paris, Jerome and Emmanuelle de Noirmont, have issued a letter in response to the public backlash against Koons’ proposed memorial artwork, Bouquet of Tulips. As we reported in last week’s Headlines, the sculpture is planned to be installed in Paris’ Palais de Tokyo, and consists of a large, realistic hand holding a bouquet of 11…

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Lightly Abstracted Photographs by G. W. Jones

An edited photo of a tree lined landscapeUntitled

Gary Jones, a.k.a. G.W. Jones, creates lightly abstracted photographs that seek to capture a deeper sense of the world around us. Gary’s works often center on older architectural forms, as well as nature – in particular, avian subjects.

A photograph of an angelic statueUntitled


I enjoy the way Gary brings some level of abstraction and impressionist visual language into his photographs. While his subjects are for the most part immediately recognizable,…

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Human Gestures: Art by Scott Lee

A charcoal drawing of a smiling homeless manHappy with a smile, charcoal

Currently based in Denver, Colorado, Scott Lee is an artist who works to capture a sense of narrative and emotion in simple human gestures. The artist’s currently portfolio is especially focused on dignified portrayals of poor and homeless people.

A charcoal drawing of an elderly woman smoking a cigaretteUntitled, charcoal


I’m quite impressed by the works in Scott’s gallery of charcoal portraits. The subjects in this gallery are mostly elderly and…

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Beauty and Loneliness: Photography by Mark Broyer

A photograph of a shopfront in HamburgUntitled

German designer and photographer Mark Broyer expertly captures the beauty and loneliness of urban environments. Broyer has photographed both city and landscape in a range of locations, but all his works seem to draw on the nature of human intervention without human presence.

A photo of a darkened parking area in Hamburg, GermanyUntitled


Broyer, a multi-disciplinary artist, takes photographs under the name “Into the Life.” I find this title interesting, given that most of the…

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Events and Gatherings: Photography by Jim Holbrook

A photo of a drag queen at an Albuquerque clubBeBe at the Albuquerque Social Club, 2010

Photographer Jim Holbrook has created a practice that centers on documenting events and gatherings in a candid fashion. Based in New Mexico, Jim is the official photographer for the collective Avokado Artists, and for Globalquerque!, an annual Mexican culture festival in Albuquerque.

A close up portrait of a woman in San FranciscoCloseup Series, San Francisco, No. 02, 1982


I enjoy the atmosphere that Jim creates in the majority of his…

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Small Moments of Beauty: Photography by Hunter Madsen

A photograph of a snowy riverbank in CoquitlamCoquitlam Riverbank in Late Snow

Hunter Madsen is a fine art photographer with a background in advertising, social science, and technology. Now based in Vancouver, BC, Hunter’s photography seeks to capture small moments of beauty in places often ruled by dereliction and dystopia.

A photo of an electrical plant structure in DenmarkHelsingor Yard III


I enjoy the sense of focus in each of Hunter’s photographs – there’s a definite sense of the photographer’s eye, but it isn’t…

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Candid Shots: Photography by Kathleen Gross

A photograph of a tree in a desert landscapeTree at Arches, color chrome

Photographer Kathleen Gross frequently works in black and white, adding small points of color through digital or traditional means. Kathleen’s subjects are often industrial or architectural in nature, though the artist also has an affinity for candid shots of human subjects.

A hand-colored silver print of two people sitting at a tableGuests, hand-colored silver print


I really like many of the images in Kathleen’s galleries of film photography. The oldest…

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Bright, Crisp Photos by Lisa Kane

A photo of two trees on a snowy ridgea pair

New York-based photographer Lisa Kane presents the urban and natural environment around her in sharp relief. Lisa’s bright, crisp photos are intently focused while still offering the viewer a number of different points of view and central subjects to contemplate.

A photograph of two gas pumps under the snowsnowy gas


I really enjoy looking through Lisa’s gallery of images from Syracuse, New York, the artist’s hometown. The images depict a variety of subjects, from…

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Bizarre New World: Photography by Joeann Edmonds Matthew

A manipulated photograph of a grassy mountainMT TAM-Planet Earth

Photographer Joeann Edmonds Matthew seems to create a fascinating and bizarre new world in each of photographic manipulations. Drawing from a mixed background in psychology and graphic design, Joeann creates multidisciplinary images that defy categorization.

A photo print of saturated red flowersRED HOT SUN FLOWERS


I love looking through the images in Joeann’s portfolio – the sheer breadth of subject matter here is enough to give pause, with…

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Cocktails to Casseroles: Food Styling by David Grenier

A photograph of some fruity cocktailsUntitled

Food photographer and stylist David Grenier has made an artistic career out of making various treats look even more tempting. The artist’s portfolio showcases his skill at creating seasonal settings for food, and enhancing the look of everything from cocktails to casseroles.

A photo of some sweet bars stacked atop one anotherUntitled


I like how David presents different types of food in accordance with the flavors, events, and season associated with that food. Fresh salads,…

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