Painting and Playful Abandon: Art by Allyson Malek

An abstract image with pastel coloured brushtrokesWestward

Allyson Malek is an artist located on the California coast. Her paintings are primarily abstract, and use pastel colours and rounded forms to create peaceful, relaxing images that express a pure love for painting and playful abandon with materials.


An encaustic collage with images of kitchen implements and patternsMonk Memories, encaustic, toner transfers and pigments

Allyson mainly paints in acrylic on canvas, though she has also produced some interesting works using encaustic, a medium which takes really well to her broad, not overly-detailed style. In one series of work on her portfolio – – she uses encaustic to produce several landscapes at sunset, all of them with similar horizon lines, but changing trees and scenery. The medium gives these the look of being seen through a slightly blurred lens, as if they could be scenes of a distant dream.


The artist also experiments with still life, using the motif of a pear in many of her images, and relishing the rounded, bulbous forms of fruits and flowers to bring out her skill with lighting and volumes.


An abstract painting with blue and yellow tonesPortal III, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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