Copic Markers - Best Markers Ever? Check Them Out.

copic markers


Copic markers - have you heard of them yet? In some design industries these are a household name and they have a cult following of artists and comic artists and other creative professionals. They aren't cheap! Nor should they be. Calling them a marker puts them in the category of the half-dried pens that work for a little while and then let you down quickly. But Copic. Oh so different! Check out this in-progress work by Alex Bodnar to see what I mean:

artist working with copic markers


They really are a pleasure to work with - colours blend together nicely and within the range of colours you can also find very subtle/transparent shades that allow for great range in value. The look that you can get from these markers can become almost like a watercolour.

joke about the price of copic markers


For further blending ability you can use the Copic colourless blender which comes in the same pen casing as the markers and help create an even blend of colour when trying to create a gradient from one colour to another.


Copic Markers have different tips on each end, an chisel-tip at one end and abrush tip on the other. Unlike similar design marker lines these markers are non-toxic with an alcohol based ink. Though the markers are pricey the refills help create value and are said to refill the marker 12 times.

The selection of colours in this line will make you feel like a kid in a candy-store!


colour chart for copic markers


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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