Exuberant Colours: Painting by Angela R. Green

A painting of a jazz musician in bright blue and yellow tonesFeelin' Blue, acrylic on canvas

Angela R. Green is our featured artist for today! Angela’s work features bright, exuberant colours and showcases the artist’s love of music. All of Angela’s paintings seem to have a celebratory, excited mood, and the rich, warm tones that she uses bring to mind the atmosphere of a packed jazz club.


An oil-painted cup of coffee on canvas with 3-D embellishments,Peppermint Spice, mixed media and oil on canvas

The majority of Angela’s works utilize deep tones of red, orange and gold, portraying both abstract and representational subjects. Many of her human subjects are musicians, whom she paints in their element showing the joy they take in playing their instruments. Her abstracted works take this appreciation for expressive faces further by taking the human face and playing with lighting, colours and volumes to create Picasso-esque figures that are composed of many different coloured shapes. Some of the most recent works on Angela’s portfolio (located at www.angelargreen.com) are watercolours on canvas. These newer works may be more subdued in colour, but certainly not in mood.

The front page of Angela R. Green's website of paintingsAngela's website - www.angelargreen.com


An acrylic painting of a father and daughter with abstracted facesDaddy's Girl, acrylic on canvas



Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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