Plein Air Pastels by Edy Stoughton

A pastel drawing of a field with bales of hay strewn throughoutGetting Ready for Winter, soft pastel

Our featured artist for today, Edy Stoughton, is an artist from northern Michigan who paints pastel scenes of the local landscape, sometimes using a plein air approach. These plein air pastels capture all seasons of the countryside that Edy lives in, finding beauty in each different scene.


A pastel drawing of a snow-covered dune in MichiganWintry Dunes in Northern Michigan 2014, pastel

Pastels are something of a less common fine art medium, but Edy uses them masterfully. She captures subdued colours of snowy landscapes, as well as brighter highlights and shadows in her drawings of man-made subjects such as buildings. I like the way Edy combines blending techniques with visible drawn lines, particularly in her trees, where the strokes of pastel colour become the bark or individual branches.


A front-page screen capture of Edy Stoughton's

Edy’s drawings capture a pure love for the environment in which resides, as well as a love for capturing it through her favourite artistic medium. You can even send Edy an email through her website – – and ask to have her capture a memory of your own in pastel.


A pastel drawing of a beach in San Diego at twilightAfter the Sunset: San Diego, pastel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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