3 Fabulous Print On Demand Websites That Put Your Art on Products

Cell phone case with art by Rebecca Chaperon


If you haven't noticed yet, many artists are finding an easy way to put their art onto products for mass consumption without the hassle of managing the sales or the shipping side of things. It's through these print on demand websites that artists can make a passive income and generate commercial products to be shipped all over the world!


Though it may not work very well for all types of art, creating commercial products that are available across the globe has been made incredibly easy by the following 3 companies. The only thing that you need to do is upload some good quality images of your art to these websites and - Voila! Here's the skinny on each of them.


Society 6


If you choose to use Society 6 you actually don't have to put any money down to use their website service. Instead of getting a flat percentage of the sale, you get a designated amount depending on the product. Society 6 is great for selling prints in particular because on this item alone you are allowed to set the price and control the profit you make. 


For the other products there is a set profit. You can check out how much you'd make per product here: http://society6.com/help/selling


These guys will put your image on a huge range of products if you want - rugs, mugs, pillows etcetera!


Home page for Society 6 website




You don't need to put money up front to use Nuvango's print on demand website either. You simply get 20% of whatever the customer pays for the product. In other words, if the customer purchases on sale then you make less as a result. 


You can do art prints on paper or canvas, phone and device cases and more. You get to choose which you put your art onto.


I used this site to create the cell phone case above and so far it's been popular. The quality of this cell phone case is impeccable and comes with a thick felt case - very professional!

Yes you can get your art printed on a cell phone case for cheaper but the quality would be poor and some of the printing will scratch off - not so with Nuvango !

Nuvango home page




Zazzle's print website let's you set the royalty rate per product. Again there is no up front charge for using their service. They can put your art on a staggering amount of products. I liked the fine art posters. 


Website page from Zazzle print on demand.


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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