Collaging With Acrylic Medium

Maybe it's time to collage!


Collage is a fantastic art form and a great way to change your approach to working with images. If you have some images that you can cut up, acrylic medium and a flat surface you can begin trying it out TODAY. It doesn't mean that you are going to be an overnight pro but its a great way to experiment with images and perhaps inspire your regular practice. Or who knows - maybe you'll be a collage genius!


Collage can be created very inexpensively with cut up paper glued onto paper. My favourite method for collage is cut up paper attached to cradled panel.  I like using gloss medium as a glue and a matte medium to finish so that it's not all shiney/plastic and retains that lovely paper quality.


The artwork below is by the amazing artist Holly Chastain. I love her use of salvaged materials. Maybe you can get some inspiration from her. It's great brainstorm about what types of materials you want to use or just wing it and use whatever is available!!!

collage by Holly Chastain


One of the best things about the process of collage is that you can keep moving all the pieces of cut paper around until you get a really nice composition.  


For some collage inspiration check out out this amazing book by The Jealous Curator.

Collage book by Jealous Curator


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Image source [2]
Image source [3]


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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