Delicately Layered Images by Sandra Sugimoto

A collaged image of several baby birds in a nest


Sandra Sugimoto is a children’s book illustrator and art teacher, who creates delicately layered images of paper and fabric scraps.


Sandra’s professional illustrations feature children and animals in scenes both fantastic and calm, using bright colours and simple shapes, overlaid to form more complex forms. I find Sandra’s illustrations so adorable and relaxing to look at! The subtle repetition of shapes and the softness of the materials is extremely pleasing.


A collaged image of a scene involving a human, wolf and birdsUntitled

Also on Sandra’s online art page are some of her personal works. These are not overtly aimed at children, but carry a similar tone, and also use a collage technique. The forms of such objects as Japanese fans and vases are outlined in black while the rest of the surface is filled in and covered with squares of deep greens and earth tones, as well as metallic papers, thin fabrics and small beads. These elements combine to form beautiful celebrations of pure aesthetics and culture. 


A screen capture of the front page of Sandra Sugimoto's illustration

A collaged image with Japanese aesthetics and textural elementsUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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