Ghostly Fairytales: Art by Paige Moore

A mixed-media artwork with the figure of a woman flying over housesShe flew with torches lit..., acrylic, charcoal and watercolour pencil on masonite panel

Artist Paige Moore’s love of the dark, mysterious and fantastic is palpable in each of her works. These paintings and drawings, or “stories,” are ghostly fairytales that make it easy for the viewer to fill in the whole narrative. I love the way Paige uses her brush, creating images that are very loosely structured, and yet form perfectly real figures, like watching smoke curl in front of a light. White highlights of chalk further solidify this dreamlike quality.


Paige Moore's studio website, front page screen

A charcoal and chalk drawing of a figure with large curled hornsWinter's Claw, acrylic, mica, charcoal and chalk on wood panel

Paige’s influences and inspirations come through in a lot of her work – I find references to Lewis Carroll, and to winter solstice and such pagan celebrations in her images of white rabbits and strange, antlered creatures of the night. Her paintings on found objects are lovely, and each figure that is painted seems deliberately imagined to fit the object. Rabbits fit perfectly on white cabinet doors, and entire scenes read like epic poems on long sprawls of sculpted wood.  


A painting with several scenes painted on panels of a found headboardHandless Maiden in the Underground Orchard, acrylic on found headboard

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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