Stunning Geographic Scenes: Photography by Ivan Petrov

A photograph of lighting over a city skyline in AlbertaUrban Chaos

Photographer Ivan Petrov uses his camera to capture stunning geographic scenes, showcasing the wildly different landscapes and unique beauty of each of the many destinations that he travels to.


A photograph of a sunset over water in NewfoundlandSunset in Rocky Harbour

I like the way Ivan categorizes his photos by place – each gallery on is like a travel book, allowing the viewer to get a feel for the region through many different photos. Ivan captures both natural and urban scenes, day and night, showing the contrast in mood that can appear in any space.  The photographs all seem to have an impartial eye, projecting a simple, straightforward, yet stunningly clear picture of each setting, creating a moment of reflection that might not normally happen. I find this particularly true of Ivan’s city-centric photos, where time is stopped for a moment in a usually bustling urban centre.


A close-up photograph of an orange poppy flowerOrange Poppy

Ivan has, and continues to travel extensively, honing his self-taught photography skills. 


A screen capture of Ivan Petrov's websiteThe Nunavut gallery on Ivan's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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