Innovative Layered Glasswork by Don Golden

A handmade glass dish with clear glass and confetti embeddedStrings of Confetti, confetti, clear-fused glass with a strip of clear, slumped and cold-worked

Located in Scott Valley, California, Don Golden is an artist who works in glass, occasionally combining it with other materials such as leaves and photography to create innovative layered glasswork.


Don’s glassworks are really interesting. I especially like the ones where he uses a layered technique and embeds other materials within the glass. In his Fossil series, he creates pieces where fresh leaves of several different varieties are sandwiched between two layers of glass, creating a blurred, foggy effect that is reminiscent of an ancient fossil in amber.


A plate made of two layers of glass with brown leaves between the layersTres Leaves, leaves fused inside 2 pieces glass

Don Golden's gallery of coral works on his glass art websiteCoral works on Don's website

Living in California, themes of surfing and marine life appear often in Don’s works. His coral series, which you can find on his website at, is amazing! The glass itself is molded into shapes that look like coral, or even a splashing water droplet caught in freeze-frame. Like many of Don’s works, these have a practical function (as dishes,) but could easily be displayed as artworks. 


A piece of glass art with two glass surfboards attached to a slab of blue and white marbled glassMarble Surfing Wave

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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