Affectionate Narrative Paintings by Kate Scoones

An oil painting of animals in a birch forestRascals at Home, oil on collaged paper

Kate Scoones is an artist originally from Victoria, British Columbia. Kate has been working in the arts for most of her life, and her affectionate narrative paintings are currently in private collections all over the world.


A painting of the outline of a young man writing, surrounded by coloured flowersCounting Flowers to Measure Grief, gouache on wood panel

Working with oil paints, gouache, and mixed media, Kate’s paintings really seem to tell a story – or many different stories. Technically, Kate often chooses darker, more saturated colours and applies them in such a way that the images seem flat and smooth, like the panels they are based on. Nature scenes and figures both human and animal populate the paintings, and I get the distinct sense that in each of these there is something more going on behind the scenes, or just outside of the frame.


A gallery screen capture of oil paintings on Kate Scoones' websiteKate's gallery of oil paintings on her website


Kate’s mixed media and gouache works are often layered or three-dimensional abstract forms. All of these works are marked by strong, illustrative lines, layered over blending shape and colours. Her earlier works capture the essence of old Polaroid photos of friends and relatives.


A painting of a residential area with a portrait of a foxToo Bad about the Neighbours, oil on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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