Enlightenment and Peace: Spiritual Work by Allison Rennie

A photo of several hand made conceptual maps on the groundAtlas of Rennie, maps folded in standard paper map style

Allison Rennie’s artistic practice is heavily focused on the spiritual, including both personal exploration through writing and mapping, as well as a practice involving helping others achieve spiritual enlightenment and peace.


A detail of a handmade book with collaged photographsHandmade Book: Nuthatch (Page detail)

Bookbinding comes into Allison’s practice a lot. Many times this is documentation of meditative and spiritual undertakings, serving both as personal journals or very cryptic instructional texts. It seems fitting, as another large part of her practice is writing. On her website at www.allisonrennie.ca, you can read some of her poems, some of them personal reflections, and some on topics of familiar places and spaces.


A front page screen capture of Allison Rennie's websiteAllison's writing and art website

Allison uses walking as a form of meditation, and many of the images that she includes in her books and art practice are photos taken on these meditative walks.  A photographic interest in birds, plants and flowers that she has seen on her walks allows the viewer to get a sense of what each walk was like, almost like accompanying the artist. 

A photograph of budding garlic on a sunny dayGarlic Scapes

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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